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Social Entrepreneurs

What to expect during your job search in the present economy.

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Mental Health Tips to Survive the Job Hunt

A guide to help keep your head up as you search for your perfect career.

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Optimising Your Work From Home Space

Trouble concentrating?
Your work area may be the problem. De-clutter your space - and your mind - with these tips.

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Industry Guide 2021

Learn more about the outlook and job prospects from top industries in Singapore

Editor's Note

Borderless Competition

editor - Ong Cheow Eng

Some of my colleagues recently discovered a global talent sourcing website, and they were like kids in a candy shop. The array of talent on offer was quite astonishing. There are data scientists, digital marketers, writers, designers, UX experts, programmers, and almost every other role that a business may require. Most of them are highly qualified, and they'll work for you for a song.

With that, hiring managers will be considering seriously if a permanent staff hired locally is absolutely necessary. Apart from the costs, companies also save on welfare and other benefits. And as we've found out from living and working in this current endemic, most jobs can be done anywhere in the world without a physical office.

So, how do you stay employable and valued throughout your career?

Apart from getting into a recession-proof industry (healthcare, for instance), I feel that it is important to broaden horizons as a global view (and the contacts that it will bring) will be useful in almost any company.

It is also good to adopt lifelong learning, for obvious reasons. Technologies, standards and practices are always evolving and your degree or diploma from "back then" will be irrelevant sooner rather than later.

Lastly, stay adaptable. As we've seen from Covid, things change in an instant. If you're stuck in your old or own ways, your position may be replaced by somebody from across the world who is more highly qualified and cheaper to hire.

Being graduates, the world is your proverbial oyster. Take advantage of the opportunities available to you and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. We wish you all the best in your job hunt!

Ong Cheow Eng