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What makes a place great to work at? The Straits Times and data company Statistic posed this question to thousands of working adults. After the extensive analysis, they came up with a comprehensive list of 200 companies in Singapore that people would love spending eight to 10 hours of their weekday (and the occasional Saturday) lives at.

There were the usual suspects such as Google, Lego and Apple. It was also hardly surprising to find a good number of scholarship providers on the top-200 list. Besides, most of the scholars whom we spoke with mentioned their collaborative work culture, strong organisation ethos and a healthy sense of empowerment while performing their roles.

Here are five scholarship providers that are awesome to work for (according to the survey).
Joel Teo

Joel Teo, Senior Associate in the Technology Hardware and Equipment, Accounts Division (featured in BrightSparks February 2022).

Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
Rank: second, just behind Google

Serious work can be empowering and engaging, evident from the EDB's very high ranking on the list. The statutory board plays a significant role in securing our country's economic future. For one, they reach out to the world's biggest organisations and get them to invest as well as establish a presence in Singapore.

"EDB officers are highly collaborative and willing to go out of their way to help fellow colleagues." Joel Teo

Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)
Rank: 25

Muhammad Azhar

Muhammad Azhar S/O Haj Mohamed, Financial Security Policy Officer (featured in BrightSparks February 2021).

It would be a tragedy if the ministry that promotes Singapore's "heartware" isn't on the list. MSF's mission is to nurture resilient individuals, strong families, and a caring society. In other words, they make Singapore a great place to live in.

"MSF has a strong culture where we treat one another as family." Muhammad Azhar

GIC Private Limited (GIC)
Rank: 76

Keisha Ong - GIC

Keisha Ong, Associate (featured in BrightSparks July 2019).

GIC hardly needs introduction. They are one of three investment entities in Singapore that manage the government's reserves. The returns from their investment, which are quite substantial, goes back to the people through the development of the country's infrastructure, financial aid and R&D, among many other things.

"As a junior in GIC, I am empowered to step out, step up, and make decisions." Keisha Ong

Health Promotion Board (HPB)
Rank: 102

Elena Yap - HPB

Elena Yap, Senior Manager, Workplace Health Planning (featured in BrightSparks July 2021)

Its name is pretty self-explanatory. Indeed, HPB promotes good public health through its campaigns, policies and programmes. One of HPB's most recognised programmes is the National Steps Challenge™, which encourages people to move more.

"HPB provides a nurturing environment for officers to grow and develop their capabilities." Elena Yap

Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
Rank: 104


Left: Low Shin Ler, Assistant Development Partner in the Global Innovation Network division (featured in BrightSparks Feb 2022).
Right: Reizo Ang, Development Partner, Strategy and International Policy, in the Policy and Promotion division (featured in BrightSparks Feb 2022)

Singapore companies are making a splash around the world and part of their success can be attributed to ESG's network and groundwork. The statutory board works with companies to build their capabilities, as well as innovate and internationalise.

"We have a supportive and growth-oriented environment that fosters learning and personal development." Low Shin Ler
"A culture of collaboration allows my colleagues and I to address information gaps and bounce off ideas with each other easily – by working together, we can address complex issues more quickly!" Reizo Ang