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foodpanda Singapore

foodpanda Singapore

Left: Adrian Ong, 24yo, 3rd Year Computer Science student in NUS

Right: Ler Sh, 19yo, 3rd Year Interior Design student in SP

Q What do you enjoy the most while working as a foodpanda rider?

A:Discovering new places and food haunts around the neighbourhood.

L:Flexible working

Q Any inspiring/heartwarming experiences to share?

A:I'm encouraged by the foodpanda rider culture. They're all so welcoming and happy to greet each other even if they have not met you before.

L:I was out delivering on a rainy day to a bungalow and the customer not only offered shelter at her front yard, but also made me some hot chocolate too.

Q How do you cope with your studies while delivering with foodpanda?

A:I plan ahead and make sure I finish what I have to do before doing a 1.5h to 2h shift. When possible, I would also dedicate one weekend to work.

L:I make sure to plan my time well.

Adrian Ong & Ler Sh

Q Do you feel shy about being a delivery rider or when letting people know you're a delivery rider?



I'm proud to be a rider because it is not an easy task.

"We started off feeling nervous for our first shift. We were unsure of what to expect, however the foodpanda rider community has been very welcoming and approachable. It is always easy to ask them for tips and advice whenever we need to. " Adrian & Ler Sh

Q Do your friends/parents know you deliver for foodpanda? What are their thoughts about it?

A:Yes! My parents are happy that I'm earning some extra money rather than playing computer games. My friends are also envious of the benefits of being a rider, like the flexibility and ability to earn more than typical part-time jobs.

Q What advice would you give to students like yourself who wish to deliver with foodpanda whilst furthering their studies?

A:Be humble and know your limits. Ultimately, studies should come before earning money. Always stay safe and ride carefully!

L:Practise good time management so you can work and study at the same time.