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Future Ready

What does it mean to be ready for the future? We explore the changing nature of work and the essential skills needed – and how you can obtain them.

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Beat the Competition

Staying competitive is integral to success, but what are the trends that define competitiveness? The IMD Competitiveness Ranking may help to illuminate some key skills needed to keep on top of things.

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Best Places to Work

What makes a place great to work at? We take a look at some of the best scholarship providers to work for based on a survey.

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Industry Guide 2022

Learn more about the latest trends and the job prospects from top industries in Singapore

Editor's Note

The Shape of Things to Come

editor - Ong Cheow Eng

Navigating the new world of work can be daunting for youths entering the workforce with drastic changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and an evolving labour market. With no real playbook, they are made to confront challenges brought about by new waves of technological advancements and are required to adapt to in-demand skills as businesses transform to meet their goals.

With these in mind, how can youths arm themselves with the right skills to thrive in the workplace of the future? In our cover story, we speak with leaders in education who identify key human-centric skills that they believe are essential for youths to future-proof themselves amid an evolving job lands.

As companies, continue toreinvent themselves to ride above the challenges ahead, having a positive workplace culture will play a vital role in employee retention and well-being. In this issue, we explore some of the best scholarship providers to work for (based on a survey) and find out what makes them great places to work in.

I would like to take this opportunity to also specially thank the outgoing editorial team for their outstanding work in taking BrightMinds magazine to new levels of success. As the new editor, I hope to carry on their great work by bringing you articles on topics that truly matter to you and that are close to your heart as you make important education and career transitions. Do keep your eyes peeled for new design changes in our upcoming issues. Happy reading!

Joshua Joseph