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Ace Your Career Launch

As you bid farewell to the familiar halls of academia, the exciting world of your career beckons. It’s a journey filled with potential, but it can also be overwhelming at times. In this article, we’ve tapped into the experiences of recent graduates who’ve cracked the code to landing their first job. Dive in and discover their invaluable insights and advice on how you can have a great headstart to fulfilling career.
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“Be proactive. You need to be willing to expose yourself to more tasks and be open to new experiences. More than that, as a new employee, you have to be patient. There will be days when you feel like you are not doing as well as you expected to, but it’s a learning journey. Adapting to the culture at the workplace is also important and it takes time, but finding a sense of belonging would make your job a lot more satisfying.

If you’re lucky, the first job you land will be the one that checks off all your requirements. However, that’s not always the case, so don’t be afraid to keep looking and keep trying to find the job that suits you best. It will not always be the perfect place that ticks all your boxes, but it’s a matter of prioritising your goals and what suits your current situation the best.”
- Danni Wang, MICE Depot Pte Ltd, Event Executive

Ashley Ng

“Make mistakes, lots of them, and learn from them. Since you are new, you have the privilege of not having to be perfect as the stakes are lower. Even if it feels awful at first, your failures and mistakes will teach you a lot and you’ll only improve from there.

Find a mentor. Having a good relationship with someone who is more experienced can help you assimilate into the company faster; you can always look for them to guide you. However, remember to always respectfully ask for help and write down the advice you get when you do so that you don’t keep going back with the same questions.

It also helps to be open-minded. Focus on being helpful, dedicated and eager. If you are willing to help others, others will help you too when you are in a tight spot. Finally, do not think that learning stops just because you have found a job. Continue to upskill yourself and network often. You never know when it can open doors to other opportunities!”
- Ashley Ng, Great Eastern Singapore, Customer Service Associate

Rohan Shaik Aziz

“Absorb what you can from your various job stints. It is okay to not know the most appropriate designation for yourself as you are still figuring out your most optimal career path. Remember that it’s a process.”
- Rohan Shaik Aziz, Freelance Content Writer

Sheree Ng

“Be more flexible with your job searches. If you’re dead set on a certain job that you’re seeking, you may find yourself getting dejected with possible rejections and jaded with the constant job searches. Instead, find one that meets most of your requirements and treat it as a steppingstone.”
- Sheree Ng, Impossible Marketing, Content Strategist

Joshua Kovilpillai

“Proactive learning doesn’t stop when your education ends. As the lines between careers blur, you’ll notice that almost every skill is transferable – no matter the industry. Take courses to understand the emerging trends in other industries and adapt accordingly.”
- Joshua Kovilpillai, OCBC Bank Singapore, Executive

Jiang Jing

“Understand the company, role, job descriptions, and skills you need to qualify for that role. Start to go for interviews regardless of whether you believe you will land the job as it will give you interview experience and you will be less nervous with each round. Practice interviews, understand what the company’s structure and culture are like through friends (if you have those working in similar companies) to see if it is what you are looking for, and ask questions after interviews. This helps you gain first-hand insight into what the company or your team is like and also shows interest. Also, remember to take a break from finding jobs if you need to. Not getting the call doesn’t define your potential. It also depends on timing, luck, and the economic situation of your industry.”
- Jiang Jing, EssenceMediacom, Senior Media Activation Executive

Alisha Mulani

“Approach your new role with an open mind and with a willingness to learn in order to be adaptable to new challenges. Building soft skills is a great way to make yourself a more well-rounded professional. It’s also a good idea to build and maintain a strong network by connecting with your peers on LinkedIn and attending networking events. Remember not to be afraid to start at an entry level. Think of it as a steppingstone for future opportunities! It never hurts to maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire process.”
- Alisha Mulani, Cognito Singapore, Account Executive