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A Different Line of Defence

Assistant manager (media analysis) Swapna d/o Silvam helps the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) to glean key details on defence-related issues by sieving through and analysing the wealth of information on various media platforms.
Ministry of Defence

Swapna d/o Silvam 
Assistant Manager (Media Analysis)
MINDEF Communications Organisation

Defence is more than having a strong military that acts as a deterrent for any would-be threats to our nation. In an era of information overload, it is important to find and analyse any information that might have an impact on our defence and communication strategies. Enter Swapna d/o Silvam, 30, whose work at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) adds a different line of defence.

Tell us more about your current roles and responsibilities.

I am responsible for ensuring timely and accurate analysis of defence-related information to facilitate the planning of strategic communications by stakeholders. My work involves analysing coverage of MINDEF and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), as well as notable security and defence-related issues across various media platforms.

How has your career progressed since you first joined MINDEF?

I came into MINDEF as an Executive (Media Analysis), playing a supporting role to the managers. Along the way, I got the opportunity to take on several secondary roles, such as being a Media Relations Officer for the National Day Parade, which gave me more exposure.

After about five years, based on my performance and with the support of my bosses, I took on a higher appointment as Assistant Manager. I am now entrusted with more responsibilities and projects to work on, and more opportunities to learn and grow further.

How has MINDEF helped to accelerate your professional and personal development?

I am very thankful that my supervisors have been supportive and encouraging throughout my career in MINDEF. They have given me the confidence to take on challenging projects, and constantly spurred me on to keep doing better. I was entrusted to lead big projects, which allowed me to hone my analytical skills, critical thinking skills, as well as my time management.

"My work environment is fast-paced and challenging which is what makes it exciting and rewarding." Swapna d/o Silvam

What about your work do you find most fulfilling?

My work environment is fast-paced and challenging which is what makes it exciting and rewarding. I think the people you work with also play a large role in the working environment, and I am very happy to be a part of a very supportive and driven team, where we work together to achieve common goals, and also have fun together.

What can polytechnic graduates expect when they join MINDEF?

The non-uniformed career scheme which I am under, known as the Defence Executive Officer (DXO) scheme, offers many opportunities to learn and grow, and it is up to every individual to tap on those opportunities and pursue their goals. For example, there are many jobs of varying nature, and thus many options for polytechnic graduates to choose from based on their interest and aptitude. There are also academic sponsorships available for diploma holders to pursue part-time degrees.