Industry Guide: Retail
Industry Guide: Retail | Regulars


The retail industry in Singapore spans a wide range of businesses and offers an eclectic range of local and international brands and products.
Industry Guide: Retail
Fast Facts
There are over 26,000 retail establishments in Singapore
$3.5 Bn
The retail industry saw a total sales value of $3.5 billion in June 2019
Online spending by omnichannel shoppers in Singapore grew to 43% in 2018
Industry Guide: Retail
Industry Outlook
New technology, changing consumer habits, and the increase in borderless competition from e-commerce mean that retail is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar stores. It is important to be ready to adapt and innovate to remain relevant and find new ways to reach consumers effectively.
Key Skills
  • Customer service
  • Numeracy
  • IT savvy
  • Creative problem solver
  • Flexibility
Relevant Jobs

Area Manager

  • Diploma and above
  • 4-6 years' experience
  • $3,800 - $4,000
  • As the Area Manager, you will have operational and financial responsibility for a region that the business operates in. Your duties will include defining sales targets and setting financial goals, as well as hiring and training procedures.

Distribution Analyst

  • Degree and above
  • 2-4 years' experience
  • $4,000
  • The main responsibilities of a Distribution Analyst are the overseeing of the logistics of all purchases, from shipment monitoring to order verification and even redirection of shipments.


  • N' / O' Levels and above
  • 1-4 years' experience
  • $2,100 - $2,600
  • Merchandisers typically meet with suppliers, distributors, and analysts to ensure that the right amount of goods are available in the store. Depending on the organisation, you might also find yourself predicting the sales and profits for the store.


  • N' / O' Levels and above
  • 1-2 years' experience
  • $1,800 - $2,000
  • Promoters are responsible for demonstrating the features of a product, and should be prepared to answer any questions that customers have, with the end goal being to convince them to buy a product or service.

Retail Executive

  • N' / O' Levels and above
  • 1-3 years' experience
  • $1,800 - $3,000
  • Retail Executives will mainly find themselves performing retail duties by attending to customer's enquiries and assisting them in stores as necessary.

Store Manager

  • Diploma and above
  • 3-5 years' experience
  • $2,200 - $4,200
  • A Store Manager oversees the daily operations of a store and ensures that operations run smoothly. You will be in charge of motivating your sales team, and might also be assigned to create new business strategies.