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Hear from a current undergraduate at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), Muhammad Saiful, on how his experience is blazing the trail ahead for his future.

For Saiful, he found exactly what he was looking for academically at MDIS. Embarking on a degree in electrical and electronic engineering, awarded by Northumbria University, UK, he believes this qualification will open many wide and varied career pathways. He shares his insights.

Muhammad Saiful

Muhammad Saiful
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Awarded by Northumbria University, UK
Diploma in Digital Electronics,
Republic Polytechnic

Why did you make MDIS your choice institution to pursue a degree at?

It is a leading private institution here in Singapore and well known for its educational excellence. I am confident I have made the right choice by picking MDIS because it is creating a brighter future for me.

Share some of the advantages polytechnic graduates will gain by partnering with MDIS for a degree.

Engineering is not as easy as you think, as it is a broad subject which splits into many different disciplines. I developed a range of practical skills in polytechnic such as logical thinking, numeracy, and problem-solving, which are highly valued by employers in my industry. Joining MDIS allows me to hone these skills even better so I am more equipped when I graduate.

How has your education experience at MDIS been?

My degree, electrical and electronic engineering, covers a wide range of general principles and concepts. Assessment consists of examinations, coursework, laboratories, presentations, and project reports. The lecturers in MDIS are professional in handling the students and able to help us solve the problems given. The well-organised machines are easily handled, which have been useful for our studies and beneficial to our final year projects.

“MDIS is known for its educational excellence and I am confident it is creating a brighter future for me.”

In what ways would your degree help in your career and future?

Because electrical engineering has many fields, what I am learning will help me gain an understanding and appreciation of them. I will be able to step out of my comfort zone, understand different subjects, and venture down new paths made possible with MDIS.

Meet Euger Thum, an MDIS graduate, who honed his love for content creation at an institution which fosters talents for a bright future.
Euger Thum

Euger Thum
Media Producer
Wizlearn Technologies
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Broadcast Media Production (Top-up)
Awarded by Teesside University, UK
Diploma in Digital Visual Effects
Nanyang Polytechnic

It was only when he was 19 that Euger Thum realised his passion for content creation. After completing his national service, he made the bold move to put his career plans on hold to further his education at MDIS. Only having graduated in June, Euger has already secured a job as a media producer at Wizlearn Technologies. We find out more on how his education has shaped his skills to thrive in his career.

Why was MDIS your choice institution to pursue a degree at?

A degree would open up multiple potential career paths and I could earn one at MDIS in just eight months. Apart from the fact that it is recognised locally, it is centrally located and the facilities provided were cutting-edge and of industry standard. The lecturers were also highly qualified and accommodating when it came to work-life commitments.

Share the advantages for diploma holders to partner with MDIS for higher education.

Mostly you will get to achieve the next level of education based on your skill sets acquired in polytechnic. Furthermore, you will either be eligible for Year 2 or Year 3 studies depending on your diploma, which will take only eight or 16 months to complete. That is a lot lesser than the average time a degree requires.

A degree will also guarantee you a better place in the industry and you would even have a video business card for your interviews. By joining MDIS, you attain a polished portfolio, a better chance at securing a job, higher pay, and most importantly, being well-prepared for the industry.

“I chose MDIS because a degree would open up multiple potential career paths and I could earn one here in just eight months.”

How was your education experience at MDIS?

Although a short span of time, my lecturers were very dedicated and motivating. They would even spend their weekends reviewing your progress and providing substantial guidance from there. Only when you are placed in the right facility, coupled with the right lecturer, will you be able to have the best educational experience.

Moving on in your new career, in what ways would your degree help in your future?

Firstly, the five core modules I took gave me a deep and direct insight into the industry I have entered beforehand, preparing me for the challenges I may face in the real world.

Another notable benefit is the relevancy of the degree. As this degree is relatively new to Singapore, we are therefore learning the latest advanced syllabus that will ensure we remain relevant in our field of work.

One thing I know for sure after graduating is I am not only better prepared to take on my first full-time job, I am much more motivated in creating quality content now knowing I am equipped with keen skillsets.