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In this time where threats are getting increasingly complex, it is essential to adopt a holistic defence framework to safeguard against both tangible and intangible threats. The MINDEF Communications Organisation (MCO) invites talented and passionate individuals to join them in a wide range of strategic communications positions.

For Teo Xuan Xuan, a purposeful career is a keen balance between area of interest and meaningfulness. “Communications in the defence and security sector excites me, and being able to share defence knowledge with the public is my main motivation in the workplace,” she enthuses. “Working in MINDEF has enabled me to gain a new appreciation for our delicate defence and security landscape. I am proud to contribute to the creation of awareness of the relevance and importance of SAF in safeguarding Singapore’s peace and sovereignty,” she declares.

Teo Xuan Xuan

Teo Xuan Xuan
Assistant Manager, Media Relations
MINDEF Communications Organisation
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies (Honours)
National University of Singapore

As an Assistant Manager (Media Relations) in MCO, she manages a variety of public communications efforts for MINDEF and the SAF. Xuan Xuan’s role includes liaising with the media to carry defence stories. “My role is extremely dynamic and it exposes me to various subject matters such as defence relations, NS policies and the technical development of SAF assets. I derive great satisfaction when I see my hard work appear in the news, along with gaining new insights into defence matters,” she shares.

It has been almost two years since Xuan Xuan began her journey with MINDEF at the age of 25, and she attributes her career development to the Defence Executive Officers (DXO) scheme. When speaking of the future batches of public communications officers, she is excited about what they can learn and how they can grow with the organisation. “MINDEF provides a myriad of opportunities to learn new skills, gain experience, and build expertise in diverse portfolios to sharpen your communications acumen. DXOs are empowered to chart their own careers. We can initiate job rotations after two years in an appointment, providing sufficient time for exposure, gain insights, and contribute effectively to the appointment, before moving on to explore new areas of personal growth,” she elaborates.

And the range of opportunities and roles available are aplenty. “In MCO, we cater to many different areas of strategic communications such as media monitoring and data analysis, communications policy, research and strategy, social media engagement, media relations and internal communications, just to name a few. As you can see, there is great potential for growth and exploration in the communications organisation.

“If you are up for the challenge and carry a heart to serve our country, take the next step with us,” she says.

“The MINDEF Communications Organisation provides a myriad of opportunities to learn new skills, gain experience, and build expertise in diverse portfolios to sharpen your communications acumen.”