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Merging Fun with Technology

Learn how VMware gives those who wish to enter the IT industry the opportunity to transform it.

Analysts predict that a good 47 per cent of sales will be generated through digital products and services by 2020. To this end, the world's most innovative companies are wielding the power of software to accelerate digital service delivery.

This focus on building a sustainable digital business requires companies to harness solutions that address their IT and business priorities. Enter VMware, a company that prides itself on its cloud and virtualisation resources and partners with companies on their digital journeys. VMware seeks to advance the IT architecture of companies by enabling them to manage both traditional enterprise and cloud-native platforms effectively under one roof – essential in this technological age for businesses to thrive.

But VMware is not only committed to the companies with which it partners. It also commits itself to the people that help drive its mission. With a keen eye on the well-being of its people, it is no surprise that VMware has been voted one of the best places to work at in recent years.

Uniquely VMware

In fact, Computerworld listed VMware as a Best Place to work in IT for the second year in a row. VMware is also among Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work For in the United States, sharing this title with other top innovative companies such as Google and Workday. These awards affirm VMware's commitment to fostering an engaging environment with desirable employee benefits, amenities, and innovation activities that promote and encourage wellness, growth and work-life integration.

Another striking quality of VMware's culture is its commitment to creating a welcoming and supporting culture, evident in its VMinclusion initiative. VMinclusion is a business-led initiative focused on driving a culture that is inclusive of all forms of diversity: from demographic factors such as race, national origin, gender identity, orientation and page to other critical factors such as function, office location, ability, personality and life experience. Through VMinclusion, employees at VMware are working together to harness the power of human difference to drive great business outcomes for its people, customers and shareholders. It also champions the importance of women in the workplace through events such as Women Transforming Technology (WT2), where employees get to engage with female industry leaders in Silicon Valley.

As a future-ready organisation, VMware is guided by its values wittily expressed as EPIC2, an acronym for Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers and Community. The organisation emphasises on these core values to the extent of honouring a select group of employees who embody each of these shared values during the annual EPIC2 Achievement Awards. This form of recognition is one way VMware celebrates the individuals who exemplify what makes VMware a great company.

"Those who choose VMware must possess a sense of boldness and courage to step out of their comfort zone."

VMware also plans for Speaker Series programmes in which thought leaders and intellectual mavericks spark challenging and thought-provoking discussions to widen employees' eyes to new perspectives. Employees have had the chance to gain insights from Lisa Ling, Amy Cuddy, Elizabeth Gilbert, Erik Wahl and other high-profile presenters and TEDTalk speakers!

Through the VMware Foundation, VMware employees are also given the chance to give back to society through Service Learning, a unique employee benefit that offers each individual with 40 paid hours annually to contribute their skills and talents to the causes closest to their hearts, Matching Gifts, Social Investments, and more. VMware also pays attention to what we are leaving ahead in the environment. Its ‘Every Day is Earth Day' vision is woven in its approach towards its products, operations and people.

Furthermore, VMware also recognises the importance of fostering opportunities for its employees to get back to their creative roots. Through innovation events like RADIO, VMware's internal R&D innovation offsite and Borathon, a quarterly hackathon held for employees across the globe, VMware people can explore their latest innovation ideas, learn about external trends and projects happening across the R&D organisation, while networking and growing with their peers.

Dare to Dream

For such a dynamic organisation, VMware nurtures a body of individuals who thrive on the same sense of dynamism. With career and developmental opportunities available in a range of functions from Engineering and IT to Sales and Product Management, those who consider a career journey with VMware will be exposed to people and insights that will enable them to learn and flourish. The opportunities to participate in diverse and thought-provoking discussions and give back in the community are seen to add a nice flavour to work life. Employees are also able to build a relationship with the people they work with which extends beyond the collegial nature.

One thing is for sure – those who choose VMware must possess a sense of boldness and courage to step out of their comfort zone. They are gifted individuals who want to determine the direction of their careers and are driven to be change agents for an entire industry. The organisation reinforces this through its fiercely confident tagline: "Dare VMware to do the stuff you've always dreamed about. Dare to work with the people who reinvented an entire industry. Together we can define the future."