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Doubling the Success

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Kaplan Higher Education Academy is known as one of the best academic institutions in Singapore. It is a preferred choice among students and working professionals because of the programmes offered and its curriculum structures. Two undergraduates share more.
Shawn Phang Zhi Wei

Shawn Phang Zhi Wei
IT Security Bank Officer, Banking Industry
Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security and Business Information Systems (Double Major)
Murdoch University
Enrolled in 2017

“As cybercrimes and unethical hacking escalate and become more prevalent, there is greater demand for cybersecurity professionals not just in Singapore but globally. This led me to pursue a Degree in Cyber Security.

To broaden my knowledge and skill sets, I decided to obtain a double major to gain competitive advantage and increase my career choices. The reason why I chose Murdoch University is because the Degree is internationally recognised, and the programme is accredited by the Australian Computer Society.

Moreover, owing to my Diploma in Information Security from Nanyang Polytechnic, I was exempted from some modules.

At my current job in the banking industry, my responsibilities include monitoring, analysing, investigating, and escalation of real-time security risks that are threats to the organisation.

It includes providing timely detection, identification, and containment of possible cyberattacks or intrusions. I determine the effectiveness and assess the impact of an observed attack as well.

No doubt, Murdoch University’s Bachelor’s Degree in Cyber Forensics and Information Security & Business Information Systems (Double Major) will boost my skills and knowledge to perform my job effectively.

The challenge we now face is to shape a digital society that is resilient to cyber threats. I encourage individuals who are keen to combat these threats to join the cybersecurity industry. There are plenty of opportunities for graduates because Singapore is facing a massive shortage of cybersecurity, information and communications technology professionals, so there is no better place and time than here and now.”

Muhammad Sadiq Bin
Abdul Kadir

Muhammad Sadiq Bin Abdul Kadir
Instructor, Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
Bachelor of Business in International Business and Management (Double Major), Murdoch University
Enrolled in 2017

“After I graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Materials Science, I was enlisted into the army in 2011.

In 2015, I joined SAFTI Military Institute as an instructor. My job is to educate officer cadets with military fundamentals and knowledge on aspects of their jobs. It was around the same time that I decided to further my studies.

By pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree, I hope to enhance my existing knowledge so I can perform better in my current role, such as helping cadets adjust to their environment quickly. It also opens up new opportunities in the SAF and for future endeavours.

Most importantly, I want to challenge myself. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and the confidence to expand my network and move upwards in my career.

Kaplan offers many choices for undergraduate programmes. I decided to go for Murdoch University due to its recognition globally. It is ranked in the World’s Top 100 Universities by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2018 (Top 250 global universities under 50 years old).

The other plus point is Murdoch University offers more than 250 Double Majors. I have chosen International Business and Management as my specialisations so that I can expose myself to new fields of study, gain knowledge, and develop skill sets.

I believe International Business will give me the knowhow in creating business opportunities overseas, and with Management, I am able to learn the proper way of managing people and getting things done through people. In my line of work, it requires me to manage more people as I progress.

As I am a part-time student, I appreciate the integrated learning curriculum introduced by Murdoch University. It is a hybrid teaching method which combines e-learning with traditional classroom delivery. I can catch up on what I have missed or to reflect on the lessons after the lecture.

The lecturers are experienced in their specialisations, fun, and engaging.

I would recommend Murdoch University to others. Join the preview every Tuesday, 7pm, at Kaplan City Campus @ Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Road, Level 2, to find out more!