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LASALLE College of the Arts
Founded in 1984, LASALLE College of the Arts is one of Asia’s leading tertiary institution in cutting edge contemporary arts and design education and practice. The college offers more than 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

With a unique environment formed by a faculty of Singaporean and international artists and educators from more than eighteen countries worldwide, its creative syllabi infuse a distinctive Asian viewpoint to artistic practice, with the sole aim of nurturing enterprising and employable graduates who will become cultural influencers and leaders. With LASALLE’s diverse portfolio of disciplines catering to diverse talents, it opens the door to many career pathways. Graduates Tang Liang Ying and Claire Ngan share more on how their experiences have equipped them to excel in their future.

Claire Ngan Su Min

Claire Ngan Su Min
BA (Hons) Fashion Media & Industries,
First Class Honours,
Class of 2018

The Crossroads Between Fashion and Business

“I have an in-depth understanding of the interplay between fashion media and fashion entrepreneurship as my programme focuses on the communication and business of fashion. Through this dynamic curriculum, I acquired a broad range of skills and knowledge in diverse areas such as art direction, branding, entrepreneurship, fashion curation, fashion retail, image-making, and marketing.

This journey has been a highly positive experience, interacting with a diverse community of students from over 40 countries! Being taught by international lecturers opened my eyes to a more inclusive education system where I was able to freely explore my creativity through my projects. They were very accepting of unconventional ideas and were constantly pushing the boundaries of my thinking and creativity so that I could be more ambitious in my work.

And this is just our internal faculty! One of the many benefits of being a student of LASALLE is the privilege of being able to tap into the industry networks that LASALLE has established. The advice and guidance that I received from lecturers and speakers who are active participants in the fashion industry motivated me to strive higher to make a difference in the community. The skills that I acquired during the course of my study have proven invaluable in my growth as I transition into the fashion industry. I would strongly recommend LASALLE as the school will provide you with ample learning opportunities as well as the space for you to explore various mediums in preparation for your career and future, as it has done for me.”

tang liang ying

Tang Liang Ying
Graphic Designer
Silicon Plus / PIXERF
BA (Hons) Design Communication,
First Class Honours,
Class of 2018

The Designer Dream

“I grew up with a passion to create solutions through design. The reason LASALLE was my choice institution is because the school takes remarkable effort to reach out to the creative industries and constantly strives to stay relevant. I was given the opportunity to work with a wide range of industry practitioners, from independent publishers to well-recognised studios and international design agencies. LASALLE’s network and name in the industry put us at an advantage in the design field, creating more open doors in my career.

Personally, LASALLE’s education has equipped me with greater depth and research in my work, so that I do not only create ideas and solutions that are aesthetically outstanding, but more importantly are practical, functional, and serve their purpose well.

Another memorable aspect of my education at LASALLE is the unique college environment that I got to enjoy. There is a diverse and rich mix of cultures, stories, and personalities to be exposed to and learn from. Some days I would see designers dancing along studio corridors; other times, you would be treated to a sight of students setting up a tea party in the middle of campus. It is fun and inspiring to see creativity all around. Such stories, exposure, and knowledge shape and influence us as designers, and challenge a quiet person like me to be bold with my ideas and execute them without holding back.

I am excited about my future. There is so much to look forward to in the design industry! The world needs creativity and it is no surprise that the design discipline is being actively adopted in many industries. With the evolution of technology, it is a great opportunity to challenge designers to use it to our advantage and solve even bigger real-world problems. In today’s climate, designers are certainly poised and positioned to be life changers.”