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Captain (CPT) Glenn Low tells us why a career with the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is such a fulfilling and rewarding one.

“We should not take the peace and security we enjoy for granted. The Air Force plays an important role in ensuring the defence of Singapore. ”

These wise words shared with CPT Glenn Low by a family friend, struck a chord with CPT Low, and led him to embark on a journey with the RSAF as an Air Warfare Officer (Air Traffic Control).

Captain (CPT)
Glenn Low Kun Zhong

Captain (CPT) Glenn Low Kun Zhong
Air Warfare Officer (Air Traffic Control), Airspace Coordinator
SAF Academic Scholar (Local)
Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours), National University of Singapore
Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Thus far, this nine-year journey with the RSAF has been highly satisfying. Being able to protect Singapore’s skies while developing himself professionally is something that appeals to CPT Low. “This career allows me to be a part of the RSAF’s mission to protect Singapore,” said CPT Low. “I also appreciate that the job allows me to experience different work environments, beyond that of my primary specialisation,” added CPT Low. The RSAF also provided CPT Low with plenty of opportunities to hone his leadership skills by enabling him to lead different projects. CPT Low indicated that these learning opportunities were important because it helped him see the bigger picture, and to understand how a large organisation like the RSAF achieved mission success.

Professionalism and team excellence are two RSAF core values that CPT Low greatly identifies with. “My fellow colleagues in the RSAF are the epitome of professionalism and nobody acts on self-interest. We do what is right, everytime, even if it means personal sacrifice,” said CPT Low.

“If you are looking to fulfil your passion with a rewarding career, the RSAF is the place for you.” CPT Glenn Low

Team excellence is also a value that inspires CPT Low to give his best, every day. “Every vocation, specialisation and team member works together to ensure mission success and safety. The aircraft you see flying in the air is not the result and effort of just one individual. It is a group of unsung heroes working hand-in-hand to make things happen. These range from the engineers who maintain the aircraft, to the troopers providing security of the airbase. Excellence in teamwork is essential in fulfilling missions in the Air Force,” said CPT Low.

People are the heart of the RSAF. This is something CPT Low realised through his SAF Academic Scholarship where he pursued his degree in Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) at National University of Singapore, and when he was sent for an overseas course in Thailand to further his professional competencies. “The RSAF recognises your potential and provides opportunities for you to develop yourself. This is something I am deeply grateful for. The RSAF has provided me invaluable opportunities that I would not have been able to get elsewhere,” said CPT Low.

CPT Low shared that all these experiences have helped him to grow as a person and as a professional, while allowing him to fulfill his passion and calling in life. He emphasised that the RSAF was an organisation that offered a fulfilling and rewarding career – including opportunities for travel and personnel development. “If you are also looking for a job that is fun, yet fulfilling, look no further!” CPT Low said.