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Financial Planner

Job Description

This is a sales-oriented position. To enjoy the role, you ought to be outspoken and love to meet people. You don’t have to be an extrovert to apply. If you are introverted extrovert just like me, you will be fine. This is a simple job with high income ceiling. All challenges and obstacles come from within us. Remove these self-made mental blocks, then it’s just a simple job of talking to different people with the same guiding points over and over while you see your income grow along the way. Selected applicants are expected to go through the stages mentioned below:


Stage 1 (Licensing)

We are licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). There is a need to sit and study for exams and be certified. There are 4 modules you are required to take: M5, M9, M9A, HI. The following will be provided for you:

1) Tutorial classes to help you understand the context of the modules.

2) Mock accounts for you to practice so you don’t have to retake so many times.

3) All papers are fully funded.

4) Estimate 6-8weeks to complete all the modules.

5) We provide study allowance.

Stage 2 (Corporate training)

We are a group representing Manulife Financial Advisers. We have the finest trainers in the industry to train newcomers in classes so you can adopt your roles with ease. In depth training ranging from products to market updates will be conducted. And a series of training are line up to polish your skillsets physically and mentally.


Stage 3 (On the Job training)

The first few months will basically determine your whereabouts in the industry. In order to make sure you take flight in the industry; we provide the following to the selected applicants:

1) We provide you with sales lead to conduct your sales.

2) Mentorship. Joint field work will be carried out with you all the way till you are sales proficient.

3) We offer you an income safety net for first 3 months of your sales career.


Stage 4 (Career advancement)

Management roles are available for you to apply after minimum 1 year in the company upon meeting position criteria.



The right applicants can expect to earn an estimated annual income of $80,000 in first year.

Remuneration components are made up of the following:

1) Basic commission

2) Quarterly bonus

3) Startup allowance


Job Responsibilities

A)  Going through a complete Financial Planning Process with the client as follows:

1)  Conduct Fact-finding process to understand client’s background and current life stages.

2)  Identify and explain the risks and gaps that the clients are exposed to.

3)  Assist the clients to establish their financial needs.

4)  Provide recommendation of relevant company product that can fulfil client’s objectives.

5)  Assist the clients in their process of taking up the policies.

6)  Provides regular updates and render any post administrative work for their policies.

7)  Provides annual policy review.


B)  Clients demographic:

1)  Individuals

2)  Couples

3)  Family

4)  Corporate


C)  Types of products to be marketed:

1)  Life insurance

2)  Savings

3)  Investment

4)  CPF approved plans

5)  Hospital

6)  Company group plans

7)  General insurance such as motor and fire.



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