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Optimising your Work From Home Space

Once you've secured your first job, chances are, you'll be working from home to some extent.

So it stands to reason that you need a good home office to perform well. If anything, declutter so that you can focus better on your tasks. We're not KonMari, but we do have some advice:
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1. Make sure you have a good table and chair

You need ample space to spread your laptop, tablets and documents. Make sure you're not working around stacks of other people's work, or your own.

Also, the importance of a good chair that supports your back cannot be overstated. You don't want to have to pause your work because your shoulders and back ache, and these problems can get worse with time.

2. Keep distractions at bay

Turn your phone to silent mode, ignore your Telegram, and make sure whoever you live with knows not to disturb you. There's nothing more distracting than your phone lighting up in the middle of your reading, or your mum coming in to ask about something.

3. Drinks and snacks

It's good to have a cup of Milo or coffee on hand, and an energy bar or two. That makes sure you won't get up to go to the fridge, which leads to checking the TV, which leads to…

That said, don't have your whole snack cupboard with you when you work. You might get more interested in eating than getting your tasks done!

4. Sufficient light and cool

Humans are much more affected by the space we're in than we think. Make sure you have enough light and the temperature is what you're comfortable with. If you have to turn on the air-conditioning, that's OK. And invest in a good lamp so that you're not peering at your documents by torchlight!

Now that you've done all that, how does your space feel and look now? It's good, right?
Now get to work!