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A Day in the Life of a Redbricker

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Left: Clive Chng | Right: Jo'An Tan

Everyone needs a roof over their heads.  

In Singapore, buying a property is probably one of the biggest purchases in our lives and this decision to buy a property is closely related to our life stages.

When an individual gains independence, he will look for a personal space to call his own. When a couple decides to get married, they will look for a matrimonial home. When a family has a new member, they will look for a bigger house.

Applying for a mortgage loan is part and parcel of our lives and getting the right mortgage loan will ensure that we are on track in planning for our future.

So, which life stage are you and your friends at now?

Or, are you pondering, in this uncertain economic environment, how to get promoted, how to get a pay increment or even a career change?

Would you like to have more time-flexibility and uncapped income? Would you want to make a difference in people's lives?

At Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, it's not just about comparing rates.

Being a Redbricker implies you have the ability to assist others. This is a role that provides a lot of job satisfaction. A mortgage advisor is a knowledgeable professional, who is also a business owner, efficient communicator and consultant, with control over time and income.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of this rewarding career:

(1) Job Satisfaction

As a Redbricker, it is your role to help your clients become more financially literate. You will break down the jargon that keeps people in the dark and empower them to understand their choices. Assisting clients to make a well-informed decision while still following their dreams can be a hugely rewarding role.

(2) Independence

Redbrickers have the opportunity to work independently, expressing their own personal style through the development of their business. As an advisor, you will become known for your personal and professional qualities and attract clients you genuinely connect with.

(3) Flexibility

You can work the hours that are most convenient for your lifestyle and economic needs. Being able to fit your professional life around your personal life is a great advantage, especially if you have a family.

(4) Career Change

This position is ideal for people seeking a career move. Previous job and life experiences will be beneficial in this position. Strong interpersonal skills and a desire to learn may be all you need to get started in this field.

(5) Earning Potential

Commission-based work gives you the adrenaline to really excel and stand out from the crowd. A good mortgage advisor has the opportunity to make a very comfortable income.

Hear from what our Redbrickers has to say:

Clive Chng

“Through Redbrick, I have discovered my interest in property investment, and I'm blessed to be surrounded by a team that is equally dedicated to guide me along my journey – I came from an engineering background and the support I received (and am still receiving) made a world of difference. With the increasing number of enquiries that Redbrick receives daily, I look to further sharpen my understanding of the markets so that I know what decisions need to be made for my clients effectively.

Paying it forward, my mission is to nurture and provide guidance to those who are keen in making a career in this business.” Clive Chng

Jo'an Tan

“I joined Redbrick because I wanted to achieve time and financial freedom, but most importantly, I wanted to expand my horizons and discover new challenges. That's why, these days, I feel more accomplished than ever—and I've learned the art of creating wealth through real estate. Making the move to Redbrick from the banking industry was definitely one of my best decisions ever.” Jo'An Tan

“Are you ready to start your next chapter of your career with Redbrick?”
Submit your resume to hr@redbrick.sg to begin.