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With You, Every Step of the Way

The Central Provident Fund Board is the foundation of our retirement, and Lim Shiao Kee, a manager in the Agency Business Consulting department, is proud to be part of this organisation that plays an integral part in supporting Singaporeans at key milestones in their lives.

Lim Shiao Kee is a Manager in the Agency Business Consulting department with CPF Board. Her Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Distinction) from National University of Singapore trained her to reflect and learn from her experience in a critical way to better administer the schemes under her purview.

When it comes to living in Singapore, the Central Provident Fund, or CPF, is often mentioned in the same breath. Indeed, the CPF is an integral component for most of us, as the social security system helps facilitate life's significant milestones such as the purchase of residential properties and retirement planning.

Administering the CPF is the Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board), which also acts as an agent to the government for national schemes such as the Workfare Income Supplement and Silver Support Scheme that provide additional assistance to the more vulnerable groups. The comprehensiveness of CPF savings for retirement, housing and healthcare spans across many aspects which is reflected in the work carried out in CPF Board.

A Pillar of Support

Working diligently to push the objectives of the CPF Board is Lim Shiao Kee. A manager with CPF Board, she implements and administers schemes to make sure everyone receives appropriate help.

For one, Shiao Kee was eager to debunk the myth that working at CPF Board is full of form-filling and repetitive administration. "My job is never routine as there are always unexpected problems to solve and new challenges to take on. This keeps the work fresh and dynamic as I am constantly given the opportunity to find creative solutions to solve challenging problems," she declared.

After all, CPF Board entrusts its junior officers with noteworthy projects that require them to stretch their wings and think out-of-the-box. Shiao Kee was tasked to notify 1.4 million eligible citizens of their GST Voucher entitlements. Making sure everyone received accurate, timely information was a huge piece of work, but she made it happen by collaborating with other government agencies and IT specialists.

Lim Shiao Kee

Lim Shiao Kee

Beyond her primary role, Shiao Kee is also involved in an Agile/SCRUM development project, which looks to redesign end-to-end operations to deliver a unified and holistic experience to citizens.

"It involves working with various stakeholders such as the business users, IT experts as well as principal ministries to ensure successful delivery of product," she outlined. "I also conduct research and environmental scans to keep abreast of emerging opportunities and latest technologies that can be adopted for maximising operational efficiency."

Inspired Every Day

Shiao Kee describes the CPF Board work environment as "a safe space to explore, experiment and learn in", and it has motivated her as well as her colleagues to excel in their tasks.

She also credited the CPF Board Academy for helping her grow as a professional. The CPF Board Academy provides relevant, cutting-edge training for officers in various specialisation, including data analytics and visualisation, empowering them to integrate data-driven methodology to optimise their daily work.

At the end of the day, however, Shiao Kee is motivated by the impact her work has on each and every Singaporean. She affirmed: "CPF Board is there for Singaporeans at every major point in their lives – from paying for our first home, taking care of healthcare expenses as well as saving for a secure retirement."

"As administrators of national schemes on behalf of the government, the work we do has a direct impact on the betterment of Singaporeans. This gives me great motivation to hop out of bed every morning." Lim Shiao Kee

"As administrators of national schemes on behalf of the government, the work we do has a direct impact on the betterment of Singaporeans. This gives me great motivation to hop out of bed every morning, knowing that I am making a difference to society and improving the day-to-day lives of Singaporeans." Her advice for those looking to join CPF Board echoes the same sentiment. "If you are looking for a purposeful career, CPF Board is the right place for you!" she exclaimed. "Our work enriches the lives of our members and supports them in their retirement, healthcare, and home ownership needs."

"When you join the Board, you join a team of colleagues who do their best to make a real difference in the lives of Singaporeans."