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Pathways for Graduates

Congratulations on your graduation!

So, what next? Here are some directions you can consider in brief. Though ultimately, we'd like to advocate that most-cliched saying of all: you should follow your heart!
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Option 1: Get a Job

We'd imagine most of you want one. Before you start applying, make sure to read our Job Hunting Tips and Video and Phone Interview Essentials.

Option 2: Embark on an Internship/Traineeship

Internships are temporary jobs that provide real-time work experience, often for college students. An internship will equip you with practical skills that can be applied to future jobs. Why not check out the offerings on the SGUnited portal?

Option 3: Start a Business

If you don't see yourself working for anyone or you have an idea that you want to put into practice, why not start a business? Singapore has long been a great place for new startups, with easy registering and accounting processes and many local grants to help you begin.

Option 4: Learn a New Skill

We get it, not everyone thinks of money and how to make money. Lots of people take a gap year after graduation to explore the world or pursue a hobby. Thus, they broaden their experiences and gain life skills off the beaten track.

Option 5: Further Studies

Pursuing higher education is a worthy next step. You may wish to take up a degree or masters, or simply pursue a short course or diploma in your field. Learning is never out of style, so go for it if you wish to!