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To run a complex and integrated monetary organisation, the various arms and bodies of the board function together to ensure the health and support of Singaporeans’ wealth. Purpose-driven work often provide job satisfaction. 23-year-old Mardhiana Binte Fajar Ali and 26-year-old Aloysius Chew Yuan Cheng Aloysius derive that fulfilment from helping fellow Singaporeans reclaim CPF contributions. Through this, they come to realise their full potential in their skills and assets in making an impact in lives.

Tell us more about your decision and reasons to be a part of CPFB.

Mardhiana: Through Singapore Polytechnic’s internship programme, I was assigned to CPFB’s Human Resource Department. Deeply influenced by their passion in serving the public, I was inspired to pursue a career which allowed me to contribute back to the society. I joined the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) department upon graduation so that I can connect with CPFB members directly.

Aloysius: Through my friends, relatives and the media, I came to know more about the importance of CPFB in our daily lives. The meaningful role that an investigation officer can play in helping employees recover their CPFB contributions further inspired my decision.

Mardhiana Binte Fajar Ali

Mardhiana Binte Fajar Ali
Home Protection Scheme

“With the buddy system in place, I received good guidance in my daily work and it helped me to integrate with my team members with ease too.”

Give us a rundown of your day-to-day job scope!

Mardhiana: As an executive in the Life Claims and Payment team, I assist in the ownership of homes for CPFB members through home financing with insurance protection against the loss of their flats. I work closely with external organisations such as medical institutions, employers and mortgagees to process applications. From time-to-time, I would also be involved in system enhancement and testing.

Aloysius: My job is to ensure CPFB contributions are paid correctly and promptly by employers. In cases of non-payment, we would liaise with both employers and employees, conducting interviews with employees to find out the specifics. We will also meet up with employers to find out when and how they can pay employees’ contributions.

What are some of the challenges you face at work? How do you overcome them?

Mardhiana: The learning curve was steep as I had no prior experience in the insurance industry. Complex work processes and insurance terminologies were a challenge. It is very important to maintain a positive learning attitude. With the buddy system in place, I received good guidance in my daily work and it helped me to integrate with my team members with ease too.

Aloysius Chew Yuan Cheng

Aloysius Chew Yuan Cheng
Senior Investigation officer
Recovery Department

“ I handle different groups of people with tact to mitigate cases.”

What skills or qualities do you need to excel in your role?

Mardhiana: Communication, empathy and patience are key in providing excellent customer service. My diploma in human resource managemMent with psychology benefitted me greatly. Being quick on your feet and meticulous helps when queries are made over the phone. Being innovative also helps as we are constantly looking for ways to streamline our processes to improve our customers’ experience.

Aloysius: Soft skills coupled with technical knowledge enabled me to excel. I learned the CPFB Act well in order to enforce employers’ compliance with the regulations. I handle different groups of people with tact to mitigate cases.

Debunk one misconception about your role, and share one interesting fact about your job that is not commonly known.

Aloysius: When people hear the words “enforcement unit”, they would think of us as aggressive or harsh. However, that is not true as we do listen and empathise with defaulting employers in the course of our work. At the end of the day, we are here to help employers, without compromising our recovery actions against them.

What’s interesting about our job is we conduct field visits to workplaces to gather more information about the employer and from employees, such as assessing records of their payslips or employment contracts.

How has CPFB helped in your professional development?

Mardhiana: We have the CPFB Academy to provide staff with CPFB-specific knowledge to ensure that our skills are relevant to our daily work. One of the courses I completed was an e-learning course, “CPF 101: An Introduction to CPF Schemes & Services”. It allows me to have a better understanding of the CPFB schemes and helps me to articulate basic information about CPFB and describe the basics of each CPFB scheme to better assist member’s queries.

Aloysius: I was given many opportunities to showcase my abilities in the day to day operations such as being part of the project team which simplified payment processes for employers. In order to prepare me for the next level in the job, I was given additional trainings and guidance from my supervisors in handling cases with higher complexity. I have since been promoted to senior investigation officer during my three years here.

What are some programmes or initiatives by CPFB that enhance work-life balance and employee welfare?

Mardhiana: Besides the comprehensive leave benefits and medical coverage, CPFB offers various staff programmes and recreational events which provide us with opportunities for networking. Some examples are Team CPFB day, visits to museums and year-end parties.

Aloysius: Besides events such as Sports Day and Family Day, I have participated in a clay-making workshop, and attended lunchtime talks organised by the CPFB Academy for staff to pick up new skills. The Sports and Recreation Committee also organises various classes after office hours to promote a holistic lifestyle.

What advice do you have for polytechnic graduates who wish to join CPFB?

Mardhiana: CPFB has various fields of work. Ideally, graduates should understand what they are passionate about and pick a field which they are interested in.

Aloysius: CPFB offers job opportunities for fresh polytechnic graduates who are willing to learn and take up challenges. CPFB is also supportive of staff who wish to further their studies and there are numerous opportunities to grow professionally.