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To power a nation is no small feat. Striving to always provide quality and efficient energy, SP Group (SP) looks to innovation and the next generation of leaders to fuel this vision.

Standing behind this vision are two who habour the same passion to serve a nation in big ways. Thong Tiong Peng, who pursued electrical engineering in Singapore Polytechnic, always knew SP would be the right place for him to contribute to society. Leow Wei Lin, who is fuelled by his love for robotics and has a diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics from Singapore Polytechnic, turned to SP because the organisation is forward thinking and a leader for the energy industry.

Share with us your main roles and responsibilities.

Tiong Peng: My main roles include managing and overseeing equipment projects with our customers, providing technical consultation and advice, and liaising closely with Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) on the shutdown work. I am on standby 24/7 to respond safely and promptly to electricity supply outages as well.

Wei Lin: Primarily, I monitor Singapore’s Gas Network Control System. My team works round the clock to ensure that any gas supply disruption is attended to swiftly, and this would involve immediate activation of the crew and coordination of gas emergency operations.

Thong Tiong Peng

Thong Tiong Peng
Technical Officer
Distribution Network East Section
(Electricity Operations Department)

What first attracted you to join SP Group and motivated you to stay on for nine years now, Tiong Peng?

Tiong Peng: I was confident I could apply whatever I had learned academically at SP because my role would allow me to put into practice my technical skills and encourage me to constantly think of value creation ideas to improve job productivity. The professional development opportunities to upgrade skills and knowledge at SP also helps me to stay relevant professionally in the power sector.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Tiong Peng: I get to exchange new industry knowledge and ideas in the electrical field, on areas such as new cables colour coding and updating of the code of practices, when I collaborate and interact with others on projects. Overall, this job challenges me. I feel motivated and rewarded with every completed project and a strong sense of fulfilment knowing that I am part of the team that upholds the reliability of Singapore’s electricity grid to serve our customers better.

As for you Wei Lin, how did your passion for energy come about?

Wei Lin: My interest in energy was sparked when I was part of the mechanical team which designed and built Singapore Polytechnic’s SunSPEC 4 solar car from scratch in 2015. We competed in the biennial World Solar Challenge that year, specifically in the advanced Cruiser Class category, which focuses on sustainable transport solutions and tests the car’s practicality and responsiveness to real-world challenges. The fulfilment I felt witnessing our car race 3000km from Darwin to Adelaide, after our original car was destroyed in a fire just four weeks before the challenge, was priceless. With the strong support of SP and resilient spirit in the team, we were able to successfully complete the race.

SP Group has also offered you the opportunity to mentor the SunSPEC 5 team this year. How are you involved in the race?

Wei Lin: I will be advising the team in technical and logistical support. I will also be the support vehicle driver in the race, taking on the harsh Australian outback desert again, which I am excited about.

Share with us more about the company sponsorships that SP Group offers.

Tiong Peng: It promotes a strong culture for continuous learning. I am taking a part-time degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) at NTU. In addition to financial support, I am eligible to apply for exam leave to study when necessary. Through the course, I am better equipped to mentor and lead my team to negotiate and deal with external parties on equipment renewal matters and thus, providing better customer service.

Leow Wei Lin

Leow Wei Lin
Technical Officer
Gas Network Operations Section (Gas Operations Department)

Wei Lin: I received the SP Group SunSPEC Polytechnic Sponsorship, which was aimed to develop and groom students who demonstrated determination, tenacity and strong engineering passion during the World Solar Challenge 2015. I seized the opportunity because I was impressed with the structured learning and career development path offered by SP and wanted to be involved in the sustainable green initiatives that the company had embarked on.

You are referring to the customised training programme, LEAP. Tell us what it entails.

Wei Lin: Learning through TEchnical Accelerated Programme (LEAP) blends foundation courses with core technical assessments and finally, on-the-job training. At the end of the training, officers will be posted to critical operational areas to acquire engineering breadth. The structured training and development framework has helped me build and strengthen my technical knowledge and competencies and will lead me towards attainment of the Gas Networks Authorisation Certification.

What programmes or initiatives has SP Group implemented to bolster personal development?

Tiong Peng: I have participated in the SP Heart Workers, which is our internal staff volunteerism platform that encourages employees to be passionate about giving their time, talent and expertise towards community causes. Our signature project is the distribution of SP Power Packs, comprising essential food items, to needy families. My most memorable experience was helping to clean, paint and fumigate the rental flats in North Bridge Road, making them safer and more conducive living spaces for the residents. Through this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, I could appreciate how the company plays a role in contributing back to the community and have gained active listening and communication skills while interacting with the beneficiaries

Wei Lin: I was one of the few appointed to be a Digital Champion to help promote the use of new digital workspace tools among my colleagues. We would support and coach others and assist in their adjustment and adaptation to the new Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite. From this role, I have learnt good listening skills, fostered empathy and built the ability to connect with others in order to understand their problems and work towards solutions. This role has also enhanced the curious and adventurous trait in me to be innovative and creative in my work.