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A Global Leader in Information Technology

Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services was recently recognised as a Global Leader in Digital Services by Everest Group for the second consecutive year. Gain some insight into the organisation's inner workings from two of its employees.

As a global leader in Information Technology (IT), consulting and digital solutions, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has helped a repertoire of international firms achieve their business objectives. Join Assistant System Engineer Alwin Sin and Resource Management Lead Irfana Abdul Jabbar in this enriching endeavour!

Tell us more about your decision to join TCS.

 Alwin Sin:  I had always been intrigued by the world of programming since I was introduced to it in university. At the same time, I was seeking an interesting extension to my hobby of dabbling with drones. Through a career fair in school, I learnt of the many opportunities that I could glean at TCS. I felt that TCS, being a leader in IT, would be one of the best places to launch my career.

 Irfana Abdul Jabbar:  I did a six-month internship with TCS while I was in university. From there, I knew that TCS is where I would like to start my career. The career opportunities are endless in this global organisation. In addition, the management and seniors here are very nurturing and provide plenty of support and guidance, especially during my initial transition phase from student to a working professional.

Give us a rundown of your job scope!

 Alwin:  Currently, I am assisting in the support and enhancement of applications that aid in the flight operations of a major airline client. Apart from troubleshooting issues, I also check the feasibility of ideas proposed by users of the applications.

 Irfana:  I lead the entire staffing of open IT positions in Singapore, whether through internal or external recruitment channels. I am also responsible for transitioning employees to new projects, ensuring that all resources and employees are effectively utilised in the organisation. In addition, I oversee the movement and mobility of employees who are rotating across different countries.

How has TCS helped in your personal and professional development?

 Alwin:  TCS provides an extensive three-month training regime called the Initial Learning Program (ILP), which exposes trainees to programming fundamentals and business skills. As part of this training, business leaders are also invited to share about their industry experience, giving us insights on the potential career opportunities within TCS.

Upon completion of the ILP, we can continue learning through iEvolve, which is a comprehensive training portal for employees to learn at their own pace. There are various training courses on iEvolve – from programming languages to new and upcoming digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. These courses are available year-round and employees can choose to take them up anytime and anywhere based on their interests.

 Irfana:  TCS has equipped me with the relevant skills to be a competent human resource (HR) professional. Aside from on-the-job training, we attend regular classroom training and external forums. I have also had the opportunity to meet the senior HR leaders through an induction programme in our headquarters in India.

Alwin Sin

Alwin Sin
Assistant System Engineer (Trainee)

"What I enjoy most is the exposure to the workings of other industries such as banking, manufacturing and airlines, all while still working in an IT job."

Share with us some highlights of your time with TCS.

 Alwin:  Flight operations and maintenance is a very critical activity due to the nature of the industry. Once, I was woken up in the middle of the night by a call from the client, who said that one of the applications had failed.

On a separate occasion, I had to spend quite some time bringing the application back online after some network switches were being replaced. As the application was not dependent on the network switches, we did not expect many implications, but it turned out otherwise!

These experiences make me realise the value of my work and the implications it brings. Business continuity is imperative and it impacts thousands of users. IT is such a critical part of business and I feel immense satisfaction when issues are resolved and applications are up and running again.

 Irfana:  My induction programme in India is definitely a highlight for me. I had the opportunity to meet with other HR team members working in the Asia Pacific region, including my virtual team whom I work with daily. I also got to meet senior HR leaders who have been in the organisation for 15 to 20 years. They were gracious in sharing about their rich and invaluable experience in the organisation. It certainly set perspectives on the organisation's best HR practices and how we can apply and implement them in Singapore.

Another memorable experience was when different departments in the company came together to perform a surprise flashmob for our annual Dinner and Dance event. Despite our busy schedules, everyone managed to collaborate to deliver an exhilarating performance that is still talked about today! The spirit of teamwork and togetherness is something that I really value in TCS employees.

Irfana Abdul Jabbar

Irfana Abdul Jabbar
Resource Management Lead, Singapore

"Aside from on-the-job training, we attend regular classroom training and external forums."

What do you enjoy most about working at TCS?

 Alwin:  What I enjoy most is the exposure to the workings of other industries such as banking, manufacturing and airlines, all while still working in an IT job. You do not just learn how the IT industry works; you get to learn the tinkering of the various industries and the critical role of IT within various sectors. Because of the unique set-up of TCS, your learning potential and exposure to various industries is maximised.

 Irfana:  The challenging job scope constantly motivates me to enhance my people management skills. TCS also offers great career growth for fresh graduates. Despite being at a junior level, I am leading a function for a country and am empowered to make important decisions.

Additionally, as a leader in the IT industry, TCS has the ability to constantly innovate and come up with new initiatives, from which we all can learn from. Most of our processes are digitised, which is an amazing feat as it reduces unnecessary paperwork, increases transparency and improves efficiency.