3 Mentalities to Embody to Thrive In a Smart Nation
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3 Mentalities to Embody to Thrive in a Smart Nation

3 Mentalities to Embody to Thrive In a Smart Nation
Embracing technological change and the fourth industrial revolution, Singapore has her sights on becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. From boosting our infocomm and network capabilities to encouraging cashless payments for all types of transactions, we are well on our way to truly becoming a Smart Nation.

How do we keep abreast with the demands of such a nation and stay afloat of the evolving skillsets that are essential to survive? Here are three mentalities that you should embody to empower yourself to be a productive and effective employee in today’s employment climate.

I’m Not a One-Trick Pony

Streamlined job roles, functions, and scopes will be the new normal. With more systems introduced to streamline processes, there is now a lesser need for an actual headcount to perform a specific role. For example, marketers are no longer just marketing products above or below the line. They are also required to manage social media sites and know basic search engine marketing and digital marketing skills.

Therefore, being resistant to change, refusing to upgrade your skills and learn new processes, or naively believing honing expertise in one skill is sufficient will not suffice. It is wise to constantly strive to be versatile and adaptable to trends that will not only impact your industry but your employability as well. Resist the redundancy wave by staying open-minded and pro-active in self-improvement and professional development.

Make Technology Work for You

We are consuming information at an extremely large rate - as compared to a decade ago. At a click of a button, search engines like Google or Yahoo! are at your service with an answer to any question you could possibly imagine. Learning has also now evolved to the online space with massive open online courses (MOOC) and e-learning courses, even from top global academic institutions, that are easily accessible to anyone - for free. Put both of them together along with other traditional or new methods of learning, you have a generation of great talents.

It has groomed a generation that is highly competitive as well. However, this should not deter or intimidate you. On the contrary, it should fuel your motivation to be a life-long learner (read our article on ‘I Choose to be a Lifelong Learner Because…’ on Pg 51). Be creative in capitalising on the available resources out there to acquire more skills and make technology work for you – instead of against you.

Be an Early Adopter

Considering that smartphones are pretty much a part of us now, mobile applications have progressively become an alternate way of communication. From government ministries to e-commerce entities like RedMart and Lazada, there is a mobile application for almost everything.

Moving forward, you can only expect more aspects of the way we work and live to be digitalised. Embracing modernity and technology will be helpful and practical in a smart nation. Try your hand at a new product or technology once you hear wind of it and test it for yourself if it will improve the way you live and work. You do not want to be caught behind a trend and be the tail in a world that turns at the speed of light.