I Choose to be a Lifelong Learner Because
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I Choose to be a
Lifelong Learner

I Choose to be a Lifelong Learner Because
“Learning never ends.”
“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”
“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
We’ve all heard such phrases countless of times. It is of sage advice because regardless of age or qualifications, we should not shun away from opportunities to upgrade ourselves.

Bridges Gaps between Work and School

If you are a working professional, you are well aware that our diplomas and degrees – while beneficial – did not fully prepare us for our careers. Even internships are not accurate representations of a full-fledged job. School may have equipped us with people management, time management, and communication skills, but the workplace demands a lot more than what school has prepared us for.

At work, you need to develop an awareness of how departments outside of yours function. Understanding other specialisations enables you to make sense of workflows, and as a result allows you to better establish timelines, implement plans, and execute tasks. You are also required to develop a multi-faceted understanding of your industry in order to ride on trends and keep up with competitors.

Provides Opportunities alongside Economy Changes

Workplace demands will only increase in complexity as we progress in our careers, and as we witness industrial shifts and economy changes. This makes it important – almost critical – to constantly upgrade ourselves with new skills. According to an article by the World Economic Forum, technological advances in the next five years will require sales and manufacturing PMETs to develop skills such as technological literacy.

Thankfully for workers in Singapore, there are opportunities aplenty for those who want to better themselves. One such example is the SkillsFuture Credit scheme which helps to offset the cost of course fees – a privilege that people of past generations would have never imagined to receive. There are also various educational institutions around the island catered to learners of all ages and professions. Whether it is a full-time or part-time diploma or degree, or a professional certificate, one would find a learning programme to suit their interests.

Cultivates a Pro-Active Mind

The pace of developments in the coming decade will be fast, and that change will not wait for us. We all need to be pro-active in upskilling in order to meet future demands of the workplace. However, in spite of rapid change and uncertainty, one thing remains a constant – the fact that “learning never ends”.