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Industry Guide 2019

Learn more about the outlook and job prospects from top industries in Singapore

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Post-graduation Crossroads

Take a closer look at the various options after graduating from a polytechnic.

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Stand Out In A Tough Job Market

Use these simple tips to beat the odds and increase your shot of landing a dream job

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Let BrightMinds be your window into all things jobs-related. Stepping into full-time work can be overwhelming—that’s why we’ve put together a collection of useful resources within these pages to make the job search process more manageable. From figuring out which career is a good fit for you, to giving you expert advice you need on your job hunt, let us be your go-to resource for career success.

We place the spotlight on executives who have experienced the workplace challenges and rewards in our featured company profiles. In our Industry Guide, get an overview of the most popular industries in Singapore, the relevant jobs available in these top industries, and the key skills required to thrive in these sectors. You can even dive right into your job search – all you need to do is just click "view job listings" on these pages to view the current job openings on the market.

We’ve also shared some practical tips to succeed in your job hunt. In this issue, look at the pros and cons of the different paths you can choose from after graduating from a polytechnic, and evaluate how you can increase your chances of landing a job in an increasingly competitive market.

It’s an exciting time in your life and we’re glad to be a part of your transition from student to professional. Above all, we hope you’ll find success in your endeavours—you’re just getting started on this challenging and fulfilling phase of life!

Editor's Note

Back To Basics


According to recent reports, the top emerging jobs in Singapore are tech-related. Jobs in data science, cyber security, and digital and content specialisation all grew exponentially in the past five years. If you’re a tech talent with an innate blend of both hard and soft skills, you’ve most likely hit the career jackpot. Like all things however, what’s here (and trending) today may be done and dusted by tomorrow. So how do you ensure longevity and success for your career in a business landscape that’s constantly evolving and moving?

Talk to 10 different people and you are likely to get 10 different sets of career advice. There are some fundamentals though, which most would agree on. Number one: Never stop learning. You may have graduated top of your class, but allow that arrogance to simmer and you’ll soon be that foolish hare running a losing race. Secondly, spend more time with people than with your gadgets. Even if you live, breathe, and work with technology, the best ‘plugins’ you can have are strong relationships with people who will stand by you throughout your career. Finally, work hard and don’t try to take shortcuts. Diligence is an evergreen trait that never goes out of fashion. Organisations are always on a lookout for individuals with resilience, adaptability, and versatility. Progression and modernity may fuel the job novelties, but at the heart of it, returning to basics will get you further in your career and life in general.

In this issue of BrightMinds, we showcase some inspiring stories of passionate individuals who are thriving at their jobs. We’ve also put together an Industry Guide featuring the top jobs of the moment. Whether you’re a fresh polytechnic graduate deliberating your next step or a university graduate ready to enter the workforce, the sky’s the limit. In the words of a wise man, “Dream big, start small, but most of all, start.”

Joann Chia