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Rising to Leadership

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With over a century of experience, Great Eastern is now a leader in Asia’s insurance industry, providing millions with both financial security and a peace of mind.

Noel Lim, a Senior Manager, is in his 5th year with Great Eastern Life. Today, Noel plays a mentoring role in leading his team of Financial Representatives. Noel defines his team as trusted professionals who aim to assist their clients to achieve financial security through providing unique solutions. In doing so, making a difference in their client’s lives. This is a rare opportunity for someone at the age of 27.

What excites you about your role?

Becoming a manager within five years is an achievement and responsibility. I have been given the opportunity to become an aspiring figure to my own team. To be in a position to grow and develop people to reach their desired profession and personal goals is the most fulfilling part. This is a new found satisfaction that I have come to enjoy being a manager.

What challenges have you overcome in this regard then?

Having to manage and lead a team of five individuals with different characters and personalities is challenging. However, I have the support of my mentor whom I turn to for advice. During my free time, I always find time to read up on articles and books written by well-known successful leaders to equip myself with the management skills, learn form the best and find out what best suits me.

“I believe I have the ability to empower the business planners I lead, who in turn make a difference in the lives of others.”
Noel Lim Yi Da

Noel Lim Yi Da
Senior Manager
Diploma in Business and Information Technology
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Debunk a misconception and share something interesting we may not know about your role.

Firstly, people generally perceive that being a manager is an easy task. I struggled at the beginning. It was challenging to juggle between meeting my clients and grooming my team to become next line managers.

Secondly, people also think that being promoted to a Manager would mean that time has to be sacrificed and there would be a drop in personal sales. For my case, I make a conscious effort to prioritise my day-to-day activities in order to make the best out of my daily schedule, ensuring maximum productivity. As a result, not only did I hit my personal goals, my business expanded too!

Why is your job meaningful?

I find my job really fulfilling knowing that I play such a big part in others’ life. I have the ability to share my financial knowledge with people around me and by doing so, I make a difference in the lives of others in helping them to make the right step towards financial freedom, resulting in them addressing their needs and securing a better future.

What advice do you have for polytechnic graduates who wish to join this career?

I began my career with Great Eastern right after graduation and it is the best decision I have ever made! Being a Financial Planner is about helping others around you to attain financial freedom, grow their funds towards retirements needs and share your knowledge of financial planning! Take a leap of faith and you will realise that you are capable of soaring like an eagle!

A Bright Future for Bright Minds

Though she may be young, 23-year-old Geraldine Er found success in Great Eastern as a Senior Financial Planner, thanks to strong mentorship, a dynamic work environment, and limitless growth opportunities.

What motivated you to join Great Eastern?

Great Eastern has a reputable track record of 110 great years in the financial industry. I am thankful to have met my mentor who provided me with guidance into my first job in the finance sector and she has also become my role model. Under her mentorship, I have overcome many day-to-day obstacles faced especially in the first year of my career.

Geraldine Er Dai Rong

Geraldine Er Dai Rong
Senior Financial Planner
Diploma in Accountancy
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Share some of the challenges that you mentioned you have overcome.

My biggest challenge when I first started as a Financial Planner was the fear of not having clients. Over the initial months, I soon realised that the fear was self-created. This was a worry rather than a challenge. I overcame this ‘challenge’ by convincing myself that I have the confidence to build my own base of clients through constant networking. The other challenge I faced was the inability to build rapport with matured clients due to our age gap. With time and experience, I find myself better equipped with the right skills such as adjusting my tone and language accordingly to the clients I meet. Now, I could also understand their financial needs and relate to them as my client base grows.

Debunk a misconception and share something interesting we do not know!

The biggest misconception is that getting calls from an insurance agent mean receiving highly pressured sale pitches. You would also be surprised – people need insurance policies more than you need the sale!

“The strong guidance and selflessness of my supervisor helped me to overcome the challenges I face and showed me that achievement is possible.”

Tell us about the progression and development opportunities at Great Eastern.

Great Eastern prioritises career progression and gives us added incentives to assume higher roles and more responsibilities. It is a dynamic company that recognises effort and hard work. Professional development opportunities are also readily available through both formal courses and informal opportunities. I believe that in Great Eastern, we are constantly moving forward, together as one.

What advice do you have for polytechnic graduates who wish to join this career?

Those who wish to join us as Financial Planners must possess a positive work attitude and never be afraid to learn and ask for help. This is the industry where you can grow beyond, achieve work-life balance, and establish great management skills through a series of learning and development initiatives that Great Eastern offers!