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A Soaring Career in Security

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As a choice employer dedicated to people excellence, a career with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority opens the doors to multiple pathways for growth and success.

The borders of Singapore’s land, air, and sea are the first line of defence in safeguarding Singapore’s security. Protecting them is a crucial role that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) takes seriously.

As a member of the Home Team under the Ministry of Home Affairs, ICA focuses on upholding immigration and national registration laws, and ensuring that the movement of people, goods, and conveyances through our checkpoints is lawful. One such member of the team, Phua Ren Feng, shares why her career in serving the nation is dynamic.

Phua Ren Feng

Phua Ren Feng
Senior Administrator (Policy Administration)
Policy, International Relations & Legislation Division, ICA
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
National University of Singapore

Currently, she works with the Ministry to review and develop immigration policies, a role that she considers a “privilege”.

“I get exposure on how policies are formulated and the underlying intent behind what is eventually created. I enjoy the challenge of working on the details to ensure things are done right,” she says.

Ren Feng shares how she got started in this in the first place. “I was searching for an impactful career when I chanced upon a documentary about border security. The importance of the work, coupled with the sophisticated equipment and shrewdness of the officers, piqued my interest and inspired me to join ICA,” she reflects.

Her aspirations have not disappointed her thus far, as she learns about the internal mechanisms of the work ICA does on border security.

For instance, a stint at the Tuas Checkpoint as a Team Leader honed her skills in detecting travellers using false identification or coming in with illegal goods. It also gave her a chance to work on contingency planning, giving her a bigger-picture perspective about checkpoint operations. “When it comes to checkpoint security, we must expect the unexpected,” she declares.

That is the reason why she derives fulfilment from a career with the organisation. “I am grateful that my work can impact society directly. This sense of satisfaction is something that keeps me going. I believe work at ICA is more than a job. It offers exposure and experience that are priceless,” she shares.

“I am grateful that my work can impact society directly. I believe work at ICA is more than a job. It offers exposure and experience that are priceless.”