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Enriching Experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore

Chan Xi Rong, Cheryl, is making bold strides in the hospitality industry with her work as a Senior Raffles Butler at Raffles Hotel Singapore. She industriously dedicates herself to the care and comfort of her guests, all while making a mark as a reliable, personable, and hardworking professional.

Chan Xi Rong, Cheryl, is a Senior Raffles Butler at Raffles Hotel Singapore. She graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality) from La Trobe University and a Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Established over a century ago, Raffles Hotel Singapore is a place where heritage meets modern elegance, where architectural grandeur and a storied history converge to offer an unforgettable experience. The very idea of Raffles Hotel brings forth thoughts of luxury and an essence that is uniquely and undeniably Singaporean.

Yet, perhaps its greatest legacy lies in its commitment to hospitality – this is attributed to the relentless efforts of its staff. Their dedication to ensuring the absolute satisfaction of the hotel’s guests is nothing short of remarkable.

Chan Xi Rong, Cheryl, takes this legacy incredibly seriously. As a Senior Raffles Butler at Raffles Hotel Singapore, she is at the heart of the hotel’s residents’ service experience. Her responsibilities span a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing everything from preparations prior to guest arrivals to bidding them farewell upon departure.

As dedicated, personable, and diligent as Cheryl has proven herself to be, it’s no surprise that she thrives in the vibrant world of hospitality.

Taking the First Step

Cheryl’s lasting fascination with hospitality began when she was studying Tourism and Resort Management at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. It was there that she first heard her lecturer speak about his unforgettable memories in a hotel he stayed at. “His narrative piqued my interest in working for a hotel. And after a couple (plus extra) years, here I am,” she enthused.

In fact, it was the very same lecturer who had alerted her of the fact that becoming a butler was an option. “He taught us about the different jobs in a hotel including what a butler can do. I realised that I wanted that experience,” she said.

“The culture of supporting and prioritising team synergy taught me to be more aware of others and myself. Every day at the Raffles Hotel presents learning opportunities and is an addition to the experience bank.” Chan Xi Rong, Cheryl

Creating Joyful Experiences

Cheryl’s quest led her to the perfect opportunity at Raffles Hotel Singapore. “It is a reputable hotel, which was the first draw factor,” said Cheryl. Her role as Senior Raffles Butler not only offers her competitive remuneration and benefits but more than that, she has amassed a treasure trove of invaluable experiences. Additionally, the hotel’s strategic and accessible location further enriches her work experience. These perks contribute significantly to her flourishing journey.

But mainly, she enjoys the dynamic nature of her work. No two work days mirror each other, according to Cheryl.

While she works varying shifts, she notes that every day usually begins with a meeting to establish synchronisation within the team before they branch off to manage individual tasks. She believes that amidst the ever-changing landscape, certain constants persist. “Every day is different, but some constants include following up on plans to delight a guest and meeting with guests to build rapport,” she added. “Behind the scenes, it’s also a lot of studying guest profiles.”

At Raffles Hotel Singapore, whether directly engaging with the guests as a Floor Butler or in the Butler Command Centre, the paramount objective remains unaltered: to fulfil every conceivable wish of the guest and in fact anticipate their requests before they are even verbalised. “A lot of the job involves taking a guest’s request and then ensuring that request is fulfilled,” she explained.

With a job scope that inherently calls for the individual to go the extra mile, one must wonder what exactly it takes to get the job done?

“It’s physically demanding work,” she admitted. “There’s a lot of movement, walking, cleaning, carrying items. The nature of the job also calls for long and irregular hours and sometimes it can be overwhelming.”

Nonetheless, Cheryl finds that the satisfaction of making someone else’s day far outweighs any momentary discomfort. Planning and executing a celebration itinerary for a guest celebrating her birthday is one instance that remains etched in her memory.

“A guest was here to celebrate a milestone birthday and had plans to pamper herself in the hotel. She was thinking of getting breakfast at the restaurant, having a spa session, shopping at the boutique, and meeting a friend at the bar,” Cheryl recalled. “At every stop, we arranged a little birthday surprise and had decorations and treats set up in her room for when she returned.”

In the end, this meticulous attention to detail and level of initiative did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

“It was a great experience liaising with so many different departments, and hearing the guest say how much she enjoyed her birthday made the efforts all worth it,” she added.

Having What It Takes

Beyond the realm of personal satisfaction and personal contentment, Cheryl credits her enjoyment of working at Raffles Hotel Singapore to the unfailing warmth and company of her colleagues. “Seeing a fellow butler get excited about successfully executing their plans and learning new things as a team are big highlights,” she revealed with a radiant smile.

This reflects the exceptionally supportive and collaborative work culture that is cultivated within the hotel’s confines. “Teamwork is prioritised, but we still ensure that the individual opinions matter.”

This camaraderie has allowed Cheryl to grow, uninhibited, in her role and as a person. “The culture of supporting and prioritising team synergy taught me to be more aware of others and myself. Every day at Raffles Hotel presents learning opportunities and is an addition to the experience bank.”

For those who are contemplating a career at Raffles Hotel Singapore, her advice is to keep an open mind and always be willing to learn. “Be clear about your expectations, priorities, and personal values,” she added. “Identifying what makes you happy and keeps you grounded is important too.”

Cheryl herself embodies this advice, finding genuine happiness in her role-a triumph that stands as a testament to her journey.