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Food Supply

In the wake of the panic-induced mass food buyout during the COVID-19 pandemic, food security has become an important topic, sweeping Singapore with vital questions about food security. At present, we import a sizeable majority of our supply, which means that we are especially susceptible to any fluctuations. The government has since launched the “30 by 30” initiative, which aims to bolster the effort to produce 30% of our food supply locally by the year 2030. With that, diverse roles have opened to ensure that we are able to meet this illustrious goal within the allotted time.
Industry Guide 2023: Food Supply
Fast Facts
As of 2019, Singapore imports over 90% of the food we consume, making us extremely vulnerable to global and regional food demand changes
300 M
The Government has committed $300 million to drive innovation in future foods, sustainable urban food production and food safety science under the Singapore Food Story R&D Programme
Despite the pandemic, Singapore helped facilitate a 17% increase in number of farms, growing from 221 in 2019 to 260 in 2021
Industry Guide: Food Supply
Industry Outlook
In 2019, the government invested a quarter of a billion dollars in the agritech sector in a bid to foster an environment fertile with solutions, ideas, and growth opportunities. The move has yielded plentiful rewards with numerous startups within the industry cropping up in recent years – alongside a wave of intriguing job prospects.
Relevant Jobs


  • Executive
  • $5,500-7,500
  • A Business Development Analyst keeps up to date on trends in the agritech and food supply industry and handles sales and clients within the sector


  • Senior-Level
  • $3,500-6,000
  • A Venture Architect manages and identifies deep tech projects, supports their creation, and develops technology translation and commercialisation partnerships with key stakeholders


  • Mid-Level (3 years of experience)
  • $3,500-4,500
  • A Senior Accounts Executive maintains a full set of accounts, reviews monthly bank statements and AP reconciliations, reviews daily payments and receipts, manages the inventory, and more


  • Entry-Level
  • $6,000-13,000
  • A Research Fellow for Engineering should support Research and Development (R&D) projects by helping with research, development, testing, verification, and funding proposal development and documentation