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The Singapore government administers a steady hand when managing the public healthcare system, ensuring that every citizen is able to afford high-grade medical services. Today, there are three public healthcare clusters bolstering this effort: the National Healthcare Group (NHG), the National University Health System (NUHS) and Singapore Health Services (SHS). The demand for robust and effective healthcare services has remained consistently high, given our nation’s disproportionately high ageing population and frequency of chronic illnesses. With a global pandemic in the very recent past, the need for talented and qualified healthcare professionals as well as administration talent to bolster healthcare processes seems to be more present than ever.
Industry Guide: Healthcare & Medical
Fast Facts
Singapore is ranked 2nd in healthcare outcomes globally
13 Singaporean hospitals and healthcare facilities have been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), a non-profit organisation set up to review global medical services
An additional 30,000 healthcare workers will be required to take care of the ageing population within the next decade
Industry Guide: Healthcare
Industry Outlook
Healthcare will always be an essential and highly prized commodity. This is especially true in Singapore, where high life expectancy has led to the fastest-growing ageing population in the region. The healthcare sector will thus need to reinforce and strengthen its workforce to accommodate the rising demand for specialised elderly care as well as generalised accessible and quality healthcare.
Relevant Jobs


  • Entry-Level (1 year of experience)
  • $1,800-2,800
  • A Healthcare Assistant provides day-to-day clinical and administrative support to the clinic


  • Entry-Level (1 year of experience)
  • $2,500-3,000
  • A Procurement Officer purchases necessary medical devices and facilities and negotiates with suppliers to ensure price competitiveness and on-time delivery


  • Mid-Level
  • $4,000-8,400
  • A Health Policy Analyst ensures strategical alignment of work priorities and monitors and evaluates governance frameworks in place in the healthcare sector


  • Mid-Level
  • $4,000-7,000
  • A Healthcare Operations Manager liaises with department managers and is in charge of ensuring seamless clinical operations (i.e. making sure clinical policies and standards of procedures, company guidelines, and regulatory framework are being adhered to)