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Pharmaceutical and Biotech

With a keen focus on improving our nation’s biomedical sciences research ecosystem, Singapore has developed a robust foundation of research alongside our excellent research institutes and consortia. The research will cover a vast range of fields including genomics, cell biology, clinical sciences, immunology, and more. There’s no denying we’ve made incredible strides in this area and have developed the essential infrastructure. However, we’re currently faced with a shortage of talent in the sector, which poses a challenge for the industry as a whole.
Industry Guide: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Fast Facts
30 years
Singapore began building on its existing research infrastructure nearly 30 years ago, enabling major biotech and pharmaceutical companies to set up their bases here
Over 6,000 people are currently employed in the sector. This is twice the number of skilled workers who were employed in the 2000s
Today, the pharmaceutical industry produces a manufacturing output that has grown 3x since the year 2000
Industry Guide: Pharmaceutical and Biotech
Industry Outlook
The shortage of talent is a growing concern in Singapore’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry. The sector finds itself lacking incumbents at junior, manager, and C-suite levels. Talent in Research and Development (R&D), production, regulatory, and business management roles will be more urgently needed in the coming years.
Relevant Jobs


  • Entry-Level
  • $3,000-3,500
  • A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative collaborates with healthcare professionals, keeps them abreast with product updates and changes to its portfolio, identifies new prospects, and manages product introductions


  • Mid-Level (3 years of experience)
  • $3,000-6,000
  • A Microbiologist performs microbial testing, manages data and reporting, conducts consistent quality control tests, and develops methods for effective microbiological testing


  • Entry-Level
  • $2,200- 3,300
  • A Pharmacy Technician processes prescriptions and dispenses medication in compliance with set standards and guidelines, provides information regarding medication to patients, handles basic prescription interventions, and manages the inventory


  • Senior-Level (8 years of experience)
  • $6,000-12,000
  • A Product Manager leads expansion efforts of medical products, performs business development assessments, designs and implements product pipeline strategies, and analyses research data