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Industry Guide

Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality sector in Singapore has always been vibrant and booming with possibilities. What’s more, it makes up a grand total of 4% of our country’s annual GDP, making us an undeniably popular travel destination within the global landscape. Now with the setbacks in the form of COVID-19 mostly behind us, Singapore’s tourism sector is well on track to recover to pre-pandemic levels – bringing along countless opportunities for the savvy jobseeker.
Industry Guide: Tourism and Hospitality
Fast Facts
6.3 M
In 2022, Singapore far exceeded the projected number of tourists with over 6.3 million people visiting that year alone
In 2022, the hospitality and tourism industry employed over 65,000 people
19.1 M
2019 saw the highest number of tourists in Singaporean history with over 19.1 million visitors –generating a revenue of $55.2 billion
Industry Guide: Tourism and Hospitality
Industry Outlook
With the aviation sector experiencing a major recovery, it’s only natural that the tourism and hospitality sectors would follow suit. By the end of the year, Singapore is expected to receive over double the visitors the city-state received in 2022. It’s no surprise then that stakeholders are taking advantage of this momentum and investing in infrastructure and talent to meet the increasing demands of the industry.
Relevant Jobs


  • Junior Executive (1 year of experience)
  • $3,800-4,500
  • A Tourism and Culture Executive develops marketing strategies, plans events relating to the organisation, and researches tourism trends in various countries


  • Entry-Level
  • $2,000-2,400
  • A Reservations Officer checks guests into hotels, maximises room sales, attends to incom-ing calls, and confirms and processes reservations


  • Senior-Level
  • $2,800-4,000
  • A Travel Advisor curates itineraries for customers, arranges travel services, researches fare and schedule information, books accommodations, and arranges for alternatives if the need arises


  • Mid-Level
  • $2,600-4,000
  • A Guest Relations Officer improves hotel guest relations and helps build loyalty, ensures seamless guest relations operations, handles guests’ requests efficiently and effectively, and provides them with comprehensive services