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The aviation industry is a major player in driving Singapore’s economy, contributing to over 3% of the country’s total GDP. While the industry reached peaks of uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic, the number of air travellers has been steadily increasing since global travel restrictions were lifted. Today, the aviation industry booms with promise. A myriad of job opportunities and job prospects await – the likes of which go beyond the obvious pilot and cabin crew roles. For instance, job seekers may find more specialised vocations in aviation law, fuel hedging, route planning, and more.
Industry Guide: Aviation
Fast Facts
135 M
By the end of the decade, Changi Airport is poised to have three runways along with five terminals, pushing its capacity to 135 million passengers annually
By 2030, air traffic in the Asia-Pacific region is estimated to increase three-fold, with Singapore set to receive more than 150 new aircraft in the coming years to accommodate these numbers
Singapore is one of the most well-connected cities in the Asian continent with over one hundred airlines taking passengers to around 380 cities and 80 countries globally
Industry Guide: Aviation
Industry Outlook
The aviation industry is still struggling to meet the pent-up demands of air travel due to people amid COVID-19 restrictions in the years past. However, with the pandemic largely behind us, there has been apparent curiosity and a renewed energy surrounding this vital industry.
Relevant Jobs


  • Mid-Level
  • $2,800-4,500
  • Aircraft Technicians conduct maintenance checks and repair aircraft machinery. They also ensure aircraft airframes and engines are maintained as per government guidelines


  • Mid-Level (5 years of experience)
  • $5,000-7,000
  • Aviation Project Managers are responsible for creating and observing policies, goals, and procedures for all aircraft-adjacent projects. They are also meant to ensure the complete airworthiness of the aircraft


  • Entry-Level
  • $2,700-4,000
  • An Aviation Screening Officer performs access control duties at the terminals and screens passengers and their luggage for prohibited items before they board the aircraft


  • Junior/Mid-Level (2 years of experience)
  • $5,800-16,000
  • An Aviation Finance Associate will be part of a team that focuses on transactions within Asset and Aviation Finance in the region. They will be in charge of handling agreements for aircraft sales and purchases, leasing, and other financing transactions