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The Central Provident Fund Board’s (CPFB) mission is for Singaporeans to enjoy a secure retirement. Striving to fulfil this great responsibility are those pursuing a challenging, yet rewarding career with CPFB. Two employees talk us through their enjoyable experience thus far.

Through housing, healthcare and retirement schemes, CPFB provides many working Singaporeans a sense of security and confidence for their retirement years. It takes great effort and dedication from staff like Chua Li Ting and Amalina Binte Abdul Rahman to build and maintain this comprehensive social security system.

What made you decide to join the CPFB?

Chua Li Ting: I have always wanted to work in the public sector as it provides great job security. Furthermore, I find great meaning in being able to serve the nation through my work.

Amalina Binte Abdul Rahman: I was drawn to the CPFB as it satisfied both my career objectives – to benefit the community and enjoy work-life balance. A career at the CPFB allows me to work on policies that improve the lives of Singaporeans. Employees are also encouraged to join board-wide activities and pursue an active lifestyle.

Amalina Binte Abdul Rahman

Amalina Binte Abdul Rahman
Executive (SPT)

“In CPFB, you will face many invigorating challenges.”

Share with us about your job scope at the CPFB.

Li Ting: My daily responsibilities include assessing MediShield Life claims and providing customer service to members. I am involved in liaising with medical institutions and private insurers as well as providing administrative duties that support the Healthcare Claims unit’s operations. If there are ongoing operating system enhancements, I would contribute in areas like project testing.

Amalina: As an Executive, I am mainly involved in processing Government-Paid Leave Scheme (GPL) related applications and appeals. This entails having to correspond with employers and self-employed parents to collect supporting information for their claims. Apart from that, I attend to general enquiries on the GPL from the public.

Any thoughts on the culture at the CPFB?

Li Ting: Here at the CPFB, we are like a big family. It is a team culture where everyone works towards a common goal. At work, it is inevitable that we face tight deadlines and handle heavy workload. However, even amidst all the pressure, we are always willing to help one another.

Amalina: With nurturing bosses and plentiful opportunities, it is a great environment that gives me room to voice my ideas on various aspects such as work improvement processes and upcoming schemes.

Chua Li Ting

Chua Li Ting
Executive (MHC)

“You can look forward to a supportive environment with great colleagues and ample learning opportunities.”

Tell us about one memorable experience you had at the CPFB.

Li Ting: I once met a member who had trouble financing her late husband’s medical bill. I truly empathised with her circumstance of having to worry about finances shortly after losing a loved one. I went out of my way to assist her and managed to settle her bill using MediShield Life and Medisave. It was a gratifying experience that made me realise I had the capacity to help those in need through my work.

Amalina: In my first year of joining the CPFB, I was fortunate to have participated in the implementation of the enhanced Marriage and Parenthood package. The project scope was non-routine and challenging. I feel proud to be part of the process and to have contributed to its successful implementation.

What are the key qualities valued by the CPFB?

Li Ting: I believe integrity and professionalism are most valued. As an organisation that safeguards members’ savings, maintaining members’ trust is top priority. CPFB expects its staff to possess these very qualities that enable them to treat all members fairly and courteously.

Amalina: CPFB appreciates staff who are equipped with an open mindset and are proactive in serving fellow Singaporeans to the best of our ability.

What does it take to excel in your work at the CPFB?

Li Ting: Being able to work well in a team is key. Apart from that, learning to put yourself in the shoes of the members is critical in providing exemplary service. Most significantly, you should possess the drive and dedication to serve the public.

Amalina: The team at CPFB is an extremely dynamic one which requires staff to constantly learn new skills on the job. If you wish to contribute to the team, it is best to enter with a positive attitude and stay adaptable and creative.

Have you any advice for polytechnic graduates interested in joining the CPFB?

Li Ting: Joining the CPFB is a choice worth considering. You can look forward to a supportive environment with great colleagues and ample learning opportunities. It is definitely a rewarding place to start your career path!

Amalina: In CPFB, you will face many invigorating challenges. But do not be daunted, these challenges essentially help you grow personally and professionally. Stay optimistic when faced with difficulties and you will eventually discover your true capabilities.