How Your School’s ECG counsellors Can Help Point You in the Right Direction
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How Your School’s ECG
counsellors Can Help Point You in the Right Direction

How Your School’s ECG counsellors Can Help Point You in the Right Direction

You might be facing numerous uncertainties at this point in your life. Questions like, “What do I want out of a career? Should I pursue my interests or what brings in the big bucks? How do I ensure my first job is a good stepping stone?” might be flooding your head. Some might also be wondering, “Should I pursue my degree or step into the working world?”

This is where the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) team in your school can be a valuable resource. Committed to supporting students as they make informed education and career decisions, ECG counsellors use their expertise to give you the right amount of push in the direction you are meant to go. Here are some ways they can render support to you.

Identify your interests, skills, values and motivations

It is natural for one to be passionate about multiple things. We may have planted our interests in various fields in and out of school. ECG counsellors will sit down with you to ask questions that will put your interests and values in perspective. Sometimes all we need is to reflect on thought-provoking questions in order to be aware of our hidden strengths and to acknowledge our weaknesses.

Discover suitable career options

With a clearer understanding of your values and interests, you would be better able to understand your career objectives. Apart from conducting personality and career profiling, ECG counsellors also help you become aware of the range of career and study options available. For instance, not many would have been familiar with jobs such as merchandising in the fashion industry. An ECG counsellor could help to open your eyes to new possibilities and offer you keen insights.

Advice on further studies

Perhaps after some time in your course of study, you may find that the field is not suitable for you. ECG counsellors will offer you advice on an alternative course of study you can consider in university while taking into account your current diploma programme and personality profile. Your post-polytechnic education is, after all, important in helping you meet your career goals – an objective ECG counsellors seek to fulfil.

Resume critiques

Our resumes are our tickets to an interview. ECG counsellors will help to ensure that you highlight your achievements in the best possible way. They will offer you meaningful critiques and advice on how to tweak it according to the nature of the job you are applying for. Feel free to ask them questions about what recruiters look out for in a resume!

Mock interview sessions

Mock interview sessions will give you a preview of your future job interview. This opportunity will allow you to think of responses to typical or tricky questions. A knowledge of what interviewers expect of job applicants will also help you determine how you should prepare for the interview and become more confident in yourself.

Overall, the ECG team in your school is a resource you ought to make full use of. You are usually required to book appointments with them – a small price to pay for clearer direction and greater confidence!