Use These Impactful Words to Stand Out In an Interview
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Use These Impactful Words to Stand Out In an Interview


Use These Impactful Words to Stand Out In an Interview


Interviews can seem intimidating, with strangers questioning you about your background, education and personality. Given the competitive job climate, dressing appropriately and exhibiting proper etiquette may no longer be enough to wow the interviewer. Your choice of words during an interview however, can make or break your employability.

It may seem like a no-brainer to use positively charged adjectives and verbs to showcase your personality and professionalism during an interview. But there are certain impactful words that, when used wisely, can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. We have shortlisted four impactful words which you can use in your next interview.


Perhaps one of the most important attributes interviewers look for in a candidate is the ability to communicate well. Effective communication is pertinent in any workplace. Regardless of which industry you may find your niche in, miscommunication often takes place due to the lack of proper communication. Saying that you are communicative translates to being able to articulate your ideas and carry yourself well in front of clients, which ultimately reflects well on the company.

Using it in a sentence: “I had to communicate with internal and external stakeholders regularly to ensure the timely execution of the project.”


Managers enjoy being around proactive employees who do not wait around aimlessly for work to be delegated to them. This is an important attribute as it shows that you are a go-getter, eager to learn and would not rest on your laurels even during lull periods.

Using it in a sentence: “I took the initiative to find out what the technical issue was and proposed a solution to rectify it.”


No one likes to see a project left uncompleted just because it met a small roadblock along the way. When your response includes “persistent”, it shows that you are willing to see projects assigned to you until its completion. This tells the interviewer that you are not afraid of challenges and will do your best in order to achieve your goals.

Using it in a sentence: “The year-long project was indeed challenging, but I was persistent in seeing it through to its implementation.”


By sharing past experiences, you are actually demonstrating your capabilities and worth with real-world examples. Examples help reinforce personal attributes and lend weight to your level of experience.

Using it in a sentence: “An example of how we measured the campaign’s success was by tracking the number of applications that derived from it.”