University Freshmen Guide
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University Freshmen Guide


University Freshmen Guide


Time certainly flies. Some of us might remember the outfit we picked out for our first day in polytechnic; others might have a vague recollection of the cheers we had to roar during freshmen orientation camp. A quick snap of your fingers and you have come to the last stretch of your poly marathon: your final year.

If you intend to pursue your degree after graduating from poly, this is the period of time when you should start contemplating your university options. The time for you to enter university is not too far away from now – soon you would find yourself picking out your outfit for your first day in university and finding your way around your new campus.

Before you get to that day, we thought we would give you some tips to help you settle into university. Bear these things in mind as you begin your first chapter of university!

1.Participate in Activities for Freshies

These student activities include your university’s freshmen orientation camps and other activities that enable you to form new friendships. Apart from getting to know those who are settling in as you are, your participation will also allow you to familiarise yourself with campus grounds before officially starting your semester. It is also good to explore your CCA options and seriously consider the prospect of joining one!

2.Utilise Useful Apps

We swear by the following apps that have proven useful during our undergraduate journey:

- iStudiezPro: This all-in-one app includes a schedule planner, an interactive calendar, an overview of all your classes for the day, and a GPA tracker. Need we say more?

- Vocabology: This one teaches users interesting words and how to use them. Certainly a good tool for when you write your essays!

- Wally: For frugal university kids, Wally will help you take control of your finances. It allows you to set monthly financial goals and track your spending. You no longer have to feel puzzled about where your money is going from now on!

3.Get Familiar with your Modules

While lecturers in polytechnic may have given you considerable guidance, many university professors encourage more independent and self-directed learning. Hence, it will be good to browse through your lecture notes and reading materials after receiving your textbooks and university portal credentials. A brief understanding of your modules will stand you in good stead for your upcoming lectures and tutorials, which often involve thought-provoking and in-depth discussions.

Also, while new students will have their courses allocated to them in the first semester, they are required to register for courses that they will be reading in their subsequent semesters. If possible, talk to seniors to find out about your module compatibility, different ways to arrange your schedule, and what you can expect!

4.Find Good Study Spots

A good study spot will do wonders for your productivity. Whether it is a quiet corner in the school library or a cosy little-known cafeteria, your study spot has to be conducive for you to bone up on your notes with minimal distractions.

Overall, your experiences in university will be quite different from those in polytechnic. You would find the pace considerably faster and constantly wish for time extensions in assignment submissions. Fret not though – with proper planning and renewed enthusiasm for learning, you would find yourself used to the thrills of university life in no time.