3 Interesting Degree Courses That You Could Do Abroad
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3 Interesting Degree Courses
That You Could Do Abroad

3 Interesting Degree Courses That You Could Do Abroad

You have made up your mind about going beyond local shores to do a degree but with so many courses available, you cannot help but feel spoilt for choice. All you know is that you prefer to go down the road less travelled and pursue a course that is aligned with your passion rather than anything too conventional. Let us narrow it down for you as we take our pick of the top three interesting degree courses that you could do abroad:

Drama & Performing Arts

If you have always enjoyed dressing up and acting, then a drama or performing arts degree could just be your thing. This degree will enable you to harness your creativity, grasp technicalities and acquire the discipline needed to excel in this field. Job opportunities include being a teacher, art therapist and even an actor.

For choice of school, it might be worth exploring the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Ranked top in The Guardian’s University Guide, the university helps students not just by cultivating their technical skills but also their individual artistic voices.

Impressively, the College’s events calendar is packed with 300 public performances annually and these include concerts, recitals drama, opera and musical theatre. This is besides the fact that the College does collaborations with high-profile arts organisations like BBC NOW.

Culinary Arts

Aspiring to be the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay? A culinary arts degree can serve as the perfect ingredient to help you achieve that dream! Besides honing your cooking and baking skills, this degree will also groom your knowledge in restaurant management, menu development and human resource management.

Some opportunities available to you include chef, maître D or restaurant manager. For this, how about venturing to Switzerland, where you can obtain your degree from top culinary school Culinary Arts Academy?

Interestingly, their program includes paid internships in Switzerland. Other than conducting workshops in beverage and mixology, baking and pastry arts as well assessing business plan presentations, Ritz professionals would also be holding specialised culinary training courses in Paris for students.


Archaeology is about making discoveries a la Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. An archaeology degree will help you gain an understanding of specific periods in history by piecing together artefacts. Other than acquiring technical skills, you will learn how to apply theoretical concepts and principles to site digs. Upon graduation, you can aim to be archaeologists, museum curators, heritage managers and archivists.

According to the QS World University Rankings, Harvard University is a top choice for archaeology enthusiasts. A world-renowned school like Harvard needs no further introduction – it exemplifies excellence in teaching, learning and research. Specifically, some students might find Harvard field school programmes most fascinating as they get to participate in archaeological explorations such as that of Andean prehistory in Peru.

Whatever choice you make, do something that you are passionate about and see a future in, so as to make your overseas study experience more enjoyable!