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A household name in Singapore’s energy business, Singapore Power seeks talents whom they can nurture to power the nation.

As a leading energy company in Asia Pacific and Singapore, Singapore Power enhances the quality of people’s lives by supplying over a million industrial and domestic customers with electricity and gas. As a business, its reputation is built on reliability and efficiency.

To sustain its world-class status, Singapore Power believes in nurturing the right talents. If you possess a passion for engineering and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, you might like to follow in the footsteps of Edmund Wong Wing Yee, Senior Engineer and Ho Sheng Hong Lionel, Technical Officer.


Both Edmund and Lionel possess a keen interest in the energy business. For Edmund, it was a dream come true to be able to apply what he studied in school. Having worked for Singapore Power for 10 years, he started as a junior officer dealing with high voltage equipment. He remarks that in recent times it is easy for people to take their electricity supply for granted but is nonetheless glad to be part of the team that helps ensure that Singaporeans have a reliable and efficient source of electricity.

Lionel took up the Singapore Power Nithiah Nandan Polytechnic Scholarship, which led him to start a career with Singapore Power after completing his studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Aside from the draw of Singapore Power’s electrifying presence, Lionel was also motivated to join Singapore Power because it invests in its staff through upgrading programmes. In fact, he has undergone the Learning through TEchnical Accelerated Programme (LEAP) training, which comprises foundation courses with assessments and on-the-job training. LEAP is aimed at accelerating the learning process and building up basic technical competencies.

Ho Sheng Hong Lionel

Ho Sheng Hong Lionel
Technical Officer

“If you have an inquiring mind and a burning passion for engineering, step forward and play your part in powering the nation!”


Being a Senior Engineer with the Extra High Voltage Network section, Edmund is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the transmission cables in the network. Regular monitoring is performed by his team, using advanced systems for detection and examination of irregularities to ensure that the cables are in excellent condition. Such dedication and commitment has enabled Singapore to achieve a world-class standard for our electricity grid.

A Technical Officer attached to the Distribution Network North section, Lionel’s role is to maintain the infrastructure that brings electricity to homes and offices. Regular maintenance such as “Health Checks” on transformers is crucial to prevent any unexpected faults that may hinder consumers from having a reliable and efficient supply of electricity.

Edmund Wong Wing Yee

Edmund Wong Wing Yee
Senior Engineer

Singapore Power offers its staff opportunities to give back to society and enjoy work-life balance – this is seen in the memorable episodes that Edmund and Lionel have had whilst working for the organisation. Edmund recounts how he participated in the Singapore Power 20 Good Deeds’ initiative where he delivered Singapore Power Packs (goodie bags filled with necessities) to the under-privileged and brought beneficiaries from MINDS to the Singapore Zoo. Lionel, on the other hand, found the Singapore Power Family Day enjoyable, fun and great for meeting lots of new friends from the same company.

From Edmund’s perspective, Singapore Power is a firm believer of nurturing its young engineering talents through developmental opportunities. To further encourage and support staff in their upgrading, Singapore Power provides sponsorship opportunities for them to acquire higher qualifications. Inspired and encouraged by his mentor at work, Edmund pursued his Bachelor of Technology at National University of Singapore on a part-time basis under Singapore Power’s sponsorship scheme when he was a Technical Officer.

In addition, Edmund shares that Singapore Power also embraces innovation and is currently moving towards digitalisation – a manifestation of this being the provision of iPad tablets to all staff so they can have information at their fingertips and be able to work on the go.

As for Lionel, he says that Singapore Power feels like a second home as everyone is so friendly and approachable. In fact, whenever there is new equipment, his colleagues will take it upon themselves to explain its functions to him so he can use it to do a better job.


To provide reliable and efficient energy services to Singaporeans, it is important that Singapore Power staff abide by its values of commitment, integrity, passion and teamwork. Edmund also advises that it is important to demonstrate a willingness to learn, and being curious about new developments at work and open to taking on new roles and responsibilities. Above all, he reminds fresh graduates to always remember how passionate they are about engineering!

Lionel chips in and adds that “If you have an inquiring mind and a burning passion for engineering, step forward and play your part in powering the nation!”