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SIM Global Education (SIM GE) partners with top universities in the UK, US and Australia to bring the global classroom to Singapore. We speak to Cheryl Yeo and Joshua Lim to find out more about what SIM GE has to offer.

With over 80 programmes offered in-house and through partnerships with reputable overseas universities, SIM GE has been an institution of choice for many in their educational and professional development. Current student Cheryl Yeo tells us how SIM GE is preparing her for her career in the sports field, while graduate Joshua Lim shares how SIM GE has given him a competitive edge in his career at IBM.

Why did you decide to study at SIM GE?

Cheryl Yeo: Furthering my studies in a sports-related programme had always been my desire, especially after graduating with a Diploma in Sports and Wellness from Nanyang Polytechnic. Fortunately for me, SIM GE partners with the University of Stirling – one of the few Universities offering a degree in Sports Studies and Marketing. This cemented my decision to enrol into SIM GE.

Joshua Lim: I chose SIM GE because of the availability of high-quality degree courses and the flexibility between part-time and full-time options. SIM GE has a better track record amongst the private universities and partners with high-ranking overseas universities. Furthermore, I preferred the familiarity of SIM GE since some of my friends had studied here before. I also liked its proximity to Ngee Ann Polytechnic (where I graduated from) and my hometown Bukit Batok!

Cheryl Yeo

Cheryl Yeo
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
in Sports Studies and Marketing,
awarded by University of Stirling at SIM GE

“SIM GE provides the best environment for you to unleash your fullest potential!”

Share with us more about your chosen degree programme.

Cheryl: Lecturers are flown in from the University of Stirling campus to conduct lessons here. This has made our lessons interactive and enriching as the students and lecturers get to share the sport scene in their respective countries!

Joshua: I like the ranking and prestige of the University of Manchester; as well as the degree in Business Management that I was keen to pursue. One unique thing about the programme is that it gave me a great learning experience because the Manchester lecturers, who are experts in their fields, are the ones who set and mark the papers. They are able to impart their global knowledge in addition to UK-specific knowledge. We are also able to clarify any doubts with our lecturers immediately.

Tell us more about your time at SIM GE and the opportunities you have received.

Cheryl: The culture and campus life at SIM GE is vibrant and fun! We get to interact with school mates from different countries and religions, thus providing us with a global exposure in terms of understanding various working styles and thinking perspectives. This is important as it depicts how the working world is, especially when we are going through globalisation.

I have also received many other great opportunities. For instance, we went on a field trip to the Singapore Sports Institute where I not only gained valuable insights on the sport scene in Singapore, but also got to understand how our government has been supporting the development of the sports industry in Singapore.

Joshua: SIM GE provides students with opportunities for exchange programmes and internships. In our programme, we were given the option of completing our final year of studies in Manchester! We also learnt much from our local Seminar Leaders, who were excellent facilitators. They were able to translate their past work experience into academic teaching and also tailor the knowledge into the local context, which enhanced our understanding.

Joshua Lim Zhi Wei

Joshua Lim Zhi Wei
Asia Pacific Hybrid Cloud Digital Sales, Aspera & UStream Sales Specialist, IBM

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Management, Second Upper Honours, awarded by the University of Manchester at SIM GE

“I was much assured to learn that SIM GE was one of the more established private institutions in Singapore, and that certainly played a role in my decision to enrol in the school.”

How have your studies facilitated your personal and professional growth?

Cheryl: I have definitely learnt better time-management during my course of study. Students are encouraged to read up more on the topics that were being shared during the lessons and submission of reports required a lot of independent reading of academic journals.

Joshua: Many of the seminars in the final year required us to do presentations. I was able to improve my presentation skills and build my confidence while presenting in front of my peers! Learning the art of presentations has helped me a lot in my sales role in IBM and boosted my confidence in facing both internal and external stakeholders. I especially enjoyed the modules - International Business 1 & 2, International HRM and International Marketing. They gave me the global knowledge of the industry and a better understanding of the world’s economy. These modules were exceptionally helpful as I gained insight into the economic issues around the world.

What advice would you give to prospective SIM GE students?

Cheryl: If you are someone with a dual passion in sports studies and marketing, this course is definitely meant for you. SIM GE provides the best environment for you to unleash your fullest potential!

Joshua: Do not take up a degree programme just because everyone is doing so. You will need to first ask yourself these questions: Firstly, what would you like to achieve most out of your degree? Secondly, which field of study would you want to be more knowledgeable and educated in? Last but not least, which industry and type of work would you want to be in? Take these factors into consideration before embarking on your undergraduate education!