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Putting People First

IKEA Singapore
IKEA Singapore may put its customers first, but this people-centric organisation is also driven by the interests of its fun-loving employees.

One can instantly feel a sense of comfort while touring the creatively decorated and colourful halls of IKEA Singapore. And it is not just the model bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens that make for an ideal home setting. IKEA Singapore also promotes a cohesive and close-knit environment – one that its employees can proudly call their home.

Kenneth Fok take us behind the scenes of this vibrant home furnishing giant.

What makes IKEA Singapore stand out from other organisations?

IKEA is a large and reputable organisation, but it is not your typical corporation. What makes it different is that all co-workers are expected to become leaders here. Many decisions are made as a team, and this empowers us to grow professionally.

Wai Kit Kenneth Fok

Wai Kit Kenneth Fok
Showroom Sales
Advance Programme student

“A little-known fact: we build all the furniture in the showroom ourselves!”

Give us a glimpse into the work that you do!

In Showroom Sales, we focus on customers by ensuring that they find ideal home furnishing solutions and have a pleasant shopping experience. A little-known fact: we build all the furniture in the showroom ourselves! This enables us to answer any questions posed by customers regarding our products. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. A lot of the job scope involves listening to customers’ needs and frustrations. Then, together with the customer, we try to determine a practical, affordable and sustainable solution that looks great!

How has IKEA Singapore groomed you for your role?

We have many opportunities for development at IKEA Singapore. I am currently undergoing the Advance programme, which is a one-year training programme to prepare me for a leadership position anywhere in the organisation.

Regale us with your most unforgettable experiences at IKEA Singapore.

Our team outings and Dinner & Dance events are great fun. We also have an annual themed kick-off during the launch of our IKEA catalogue. Not to mention, IKEA Singapore truly believes in developing its people. My manager shows continuous support by giving me some flexibility to pursue my degree in commerce management.

What nuggets of advice do you have for those who are interested in a career with IKEA Singapore?

I think more and more students are keen on pursuing a career in the retail industry. At IKEA Singapore, you will have the unique opportunity to learn not only about sales but also logistics and merchandising. Having a passion for learning and a commitment to be involved in every step of the process are important when considering a career with us. By understanding all the functions within the organisation, we can then make decisions that would ensure the happiness and retention of our customers.